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Scott WagnerAuthor

Is Constitutional Carry a Mistake?

By Scott Wagner

#EDC 06-17-24

What Is a Pistol Caliber Carbine?

By Scott Wagner

#Guns 03-02-24

Facing the Unthinkable: Is Your Church Safe From an Attack?

By Scott Wagner

#Skills 02-20-24

Review: Pro-Tech Runt 5 Automatic Knife

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 01-17-24

10mm vs. 9mm — Revisiting the Handgun Cartridge Debate

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 10-19-23

Versacarry Vintage: Luna Holster and Underground Carry Belt

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 08-02-23

Your BBQ Gun Partner? El Paso Saddlery Holsters

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 04-12-23

A Cop’s Perspective on the Streamlight TLR-1 HL FDE

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 03-05-23

Review: Viridian E-Series Green Laser Sight for the Hellcat

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 02-14-23
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Bianchi Model 175 Shenandoah Holster Review

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 12-04-22

Is the SA-35 Suited for Modern CCW? An Undercover Cop’s Perspective

By Scott Wagner

#Guns 09-25-22

Manual Safety or Not: Too Dangerous To Carry?

By Scott Wagner

#Guns 09-22-22

Hillsdale College’s Couples for Liberty Seminar

By Scott Wagner

#Skills 08-10-22

Hillsdale College Action Shooting Team Wins Big at Nationals

By Scott Wagner

#Skills 04-08-22

Review: Crimson Trace CMR-301 Rail Master Pro

By Scott Wagner

#Gear 10-31-21

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