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Fred MastisonAuthor

Hands-On with the M1A National Match

#Guns 01-15-21

Your Best Home Defense Gun?

#Guns 02-14-20

Suppressors, Beyond the Myth

#Skills 08-19-19

Running a 1911

#Skills 07-30-19

Running the Victor

#Skills 07-16-19

Weapon Retention Techniques To Beat A Gun Grab

#Skills 06-28-19

Car Carry

#EDC 06-05-19

Long-Term Water Storage Solutions for Crisis Situations

#Survival 05-18-19

Shooting Like John Wick

#Skills 05-15-19
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M1A Origin Story, Gritty Reboot Edition

#Guns 04-28-19

What Is the Best Caliber for Self-Defense?

#EDC 04-21-19

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