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Sam WeitznerAuthor

Hellcat Threaded Barrel and Compensator Kit: Installation and Review

By Sam Weitzner

#Gear 06-05-23

A Breed Apart: The Rogue and the Prodigy

By Sam Weitzner

#Gear 05-10-23

How Do 9mm Carbines Work?

By Sam Weitzner

#Guns 03-16-23

Review: CRKT M16-04KS Tanto

By Sam Weitzner

#Gear 12-12-22

BUGBite Ankle Holster Review

By Sam Weitzner

#Gear 09-23-22

How to Clean the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2

By Sam Weitzner

#Guns 07-27-22

Is Carrying a Micro 1911 a Mistake?

By Sam Weitzner

#EDC 04-03-22

What to Put in Your Range Bag: The Essentials

By Sam Weitzner

#Gear 11-27-21

Long-Range with Springfield Rifles, Through the Ages

By Sam Weitzner

#Guns #History 11-25-21
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About the Springfield Emissary Grenade Grip Texture

By Sam Weitzner

#Guns 11-17-21

What Is the Springfield Armory Warranty? An Inside Look

By Sam Weitzner

#Guns 10-11-21

Is a 9mm the Best First 1911?

By Sam Weitzner

#Guns 06-02-21

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