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Bridget FabelAuthor

Bridget’s Mistake When Facing Down a Moose

#Guns #Survival 07-06-20

Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

#Guns 05-29-20

Bridget’s Ronin Shed Hunt

#Survival 05-08-20

Bridget Stalked on the Trail

#Survival 04-24-20

Bridget’s 10mm vs. a Bear

#Survival 04-09-20

Bridget’s Stalker Meets Her SAINT

#Survival 03-26-20

My 10mm vs. a Mountain Lion

#Survival 03-09-20

Best Ways for a Woman to Conceal Carry Her Hellcat

#EDC #Gear 01-23-20

Bridget’s Self-Defense SAINT Mods

#Gear 10-18-19
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Security On Your Hip

#EDC 05-23-19

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