Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

By Bridget Fabel
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Hellcat vs. 10mm 1911 for EDC and Open Carry

May 29th, 2020

4:11 runtime

Springfield Armory offers a variety of firearms to fit your everyday needs. I personally switch between open carry and conceal carry guns based on my activities for the day. So, how do I decide what to carry: my Hellcat vs a 1911 in 10mm?

So check out my video above, and keep reading my article that continues below.

Hellcat vs. 1911 10mm pistol
Which one does Bridget prefer? Her Hellcat or her 10mm Range Officer Elite Operator?

My Low-Key EDC

If I am going to class, the mall, the grocery store or any public place, I choose to have my Hellcat properly concealed and on my person at all times in my Crossbreed Reckoning holster.

Of course, there are many other holsters for the Hellcat that are now available. You can find many options to fit your needs.

Blonde woman carrying a Springfield Hellcat in front of a truck
When going out and about, Bridget likes to have her Hellcat concealed.

Everyone is talking about the Hellcat for many reasons, but the biggest is definitely the fact that it is the highest capacity micro-compact 9mm in the world.

This gun holds 11 rounds in the flush-fit magazine and 13 in the extended magazine. Even with the extended magazine installed it measures only 4.5″ tall. I also like the ability to increase the Hellcat magazine capacity with the Hyve Extensions.

Woman shooting Springfield Hellcat
She really likes the capacity of the Hellcat, as well as how easy it is to conceal.

This has been the first concealed carry-purposed gun that I own where I haven’t had to sacrifice round capacity for ease of carry. The Hellcat is fun and easy to shoot, but also reliable. It has a grip that feels secure and comfortable in your hands, thanks to the “Adaptive Grip Texture” Springfield put on it.

Hellcat vs. 1911 10mm test
Bridget likes how compact and handy the little Hellcat is.

When I Need Even More

As an outdoorswoman, I often spend more time in the mountains than around town. During my summers I am a fly-fishing guide and fly fish in the backcountry often. In the fall months I hunt wild game for a means of food. During the winter and spring, I fish, hunt and hike often.

Woman open carry 1911 10mm
When out in the wild, Bridget likes to open carry her 10mm Range Officer Elite Operator 1911.

If I am wandering in the mountains, concealing a firearm is not a priority of mine. I’d rather open carry it on my hip and have it easily accessible for an emergency. I like using a sturdy holster that secures to my belt or backpack strap. I often use kydex or leather holsters, depending on the day.

Open carry of 10mm 1911 during a hunt
With the 10mm on her side, Bridget knows she can stop any two- or four-legged threat she might face.

My pistol of choice for this is the Range Officer Elite Operator 10mm from Springfield Armory. I like the 1911 configuration, and the 10mm chambering means I have enough power to deal with both two- and four-legged threats out in the wild.

Blonde woman shooting a 1911 chambered for the 10mm cartridge
She likes how powerful, yet how safe the Elite Operator is.

I like how safe the 1911 system is. The safety is reliable and secure for hiking in thick woods and crawling through brush. The “punch” that the 10mm packs when it hits its target makes me feel safe and confident in bear, mountain lion and moose country.

Full size 1911 10mm pistol
The Range Officer Elite Operator is big, brawny and powerful.


So there you have it, my top choices for EDC and open carry. With my Hellcat and Elite Operator 10mm, I have the right gun for the right situation no matter where I may be heading.

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Bridget Fabel

Bridget Fabel

Bridget Fabel is an avid fly fisherwoman, bow hunter, and 2nd Amendment advocate originally from the small town of Stillwater, New Jersey. She grew up on a farm loving the great outdoors and decided to move west by herself at the age of 20 to the beautiful state of Utah where she now resides. Moving west and exploring the desolate mountains alone for hunting and fishing can be a rare and intimidating undertaking for some women, but Bridget learned to embrace her independence and freedom through her ability to carry firearms and protect herself everywhere she goes. Now a proud concealed carry permit holder for five years, Bridget likes to conceal carry and open carry daily. Bridget’s biggest passion is sharing her love and confidence in the outdoors with the young men and women of America.

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