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American HandgunnerAuthor

Springfield’s “Switterbeet” 9mm?

#Guns 08-16-20

What Is a Striker-Fired Handgun?

#Guns 07-11-20

Springfield Armory’s Range Officers

#Guns 06-06-20

A Striker-Free XD?

#Guns 05-24-20

Springfield Armory Professional 1911

#Guns 05-10-20

Taffin Falls for a SAINT

#Guns 04-19-20

Springfield Armory Range Officers

#Guns 04-04-20

Unambiguous Power: XD-M 10mm

#Guns 03-29-20

Pocket .45 Power Perfected

#Guns 03-01-20
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Taffin Tests Springfield 1911s

#Guns 01-12-20

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