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World War II in Color

By Tom Laemlein

#Guns Today, 12-06-22

Can You CCW a Double-Stack 1911?

By GunSpot

#Guns 12-01-22

What Are the Best (and Worst) Makarov Pistols?

By Martin K.A. Morgan

#Guns 11-22-22

The Armory Life Interviews: DC Project’s Dianna Muller

By Robert A. Sadowski

#Guns 11-21-22

XD-M Elite vs. SA-35: Does New Outpace the Old?

By Justin Opinion

#Guns 11-16-22

Sterling Submachine Gun: The Arsenal of Villainy

By Will Dabbs, MD

#Guns 11-15-22

Is This the Ultimate Hellcat Pro Torture Test?

By Paul Carlson

#Guns 11-10-22

The Chinese Type 56 AK

By Will Dabbs, MD

#Guns 11-08-22

What Is a Belgian “Blindicide”?

By Peter Suciu

#Guns 11-03-22
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New: Springfield Hellcat Pro in Desert FDE

By Jeremy Tremp

#Guns 11-01-22

Firearms Education: What Is a Long Gun?

By Mike Boyle

#Guns 10-29-22

Why Moscow Hates HIMARS

By Peter Suciu

#Guns 10-25-22

SOG: A Photo History of the Secret Wars

By Tom Laemlein

#Guns 10-23-22

Did You Buy the Wrong Handgun?

By Mike Boyle

#Guns 10-21-22

Is Modernizing the SA-35 a Mistake?

By Jeremy Tremp

#Guns 10-20-22

M1A: Too Outdated for Self-Defense, or Best Bug-Out Gun Ever?

By Hunt Fish Shoot

#Guns 10-13-22

Handguns for Bear Defense: Will Any of Them Stop the Threat?

By Wayne van Zwoll

#Guns #Hunting 10-10-22

Back-Up Guns for Cops: What Do They Use?

By Richard Johnson

#Guns 10-07-22

The Armory Life Interviews: Colion Noir

By Mike Humphries

#Guns 10-06-22

A History of the Infamous RPG-7

By Peter Suciu

#Guns 10-04-22

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