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Peter SuciuAuthor

Movie Misfires: Top Hollywood Gun Mistakes

#Guns 07-15-21

Hillsdale College & the Second Amendment

#Guns 07-09-21

The Guns of Operation Thunderbolt: Right or Wrong?

#Guns 06-22-21

Faulty Foundation? The French Berthier

#Guns 06-15-21

The Vickers Gun — Britain’s World War Warrior

#Guns 05-04-21

Blast from the Past: History of the Bazooka

#Guns 04-06-21

German MG08 & MG08/15: Transformative Trench Warriors

#Guns 03-30-21

The Lewis Gun: A Forgotten Trench Warrior?

#Guns 03-09-21

Did These Movies Use the Wrong Gun?

#Guns 12-15-20
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Worst Machine Gun of All Time?

#Guns 11-24-20

The M14 on the Big Screen

#Guns 11-16-20

Time Traveling Guns

#Guns 09-09-20

Hollywood, the 1911 & Its Stunt Double

#Guns 08-04-20

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