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Peter SuciuAuthor

Soviet PT-76 — Fully Amphibious Light Tank

By Peter Suciu

#History Yesterday, 09-30-23

America’s Forrestal Class Aircraft Carrier

By Peter Suciu

#History 09-16-23

Michigan’s Benton Harbor Remembers 9/11

By Peter Suciu

#History 09-11-23

T-80: The Soviet Union’s Last Tank

By Peter Suciu

#History 09-09-23

M41 Walker Bulldog: America’s Cold War Light Tank

By Peter Suciu

#History 08-26-23

Independence-Class Aircraft Carriers — America’s Forgotten Warriors

By Peter Suciu

#History 08-19-23

M113 APC: Ubiquitous Armored Personnel Carrier In Vietnam to Ukraine

By Peter Suciu

#History 07-29-23

Russian Ka-52 Alligator Attack Helicopter: An Endangered Species?

By Peter Suciu

#History 07-22-23

M67 Flamethrower Tank: Vietnam’s Zippo

By Peter Suciu

#History 07-08-23
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When America Stole a Russian Mi-24 Hind Helicopter

By Peter Suciu

#History 07-01-23

America’s M48 Patton Medium Tank

By Peter Suciu

#History 06-10-23

B-2 Spirit — America’s Stealth Bomber

By Peter Suciu

#History 05-20-23

F-35: Controversial, Capable, or Both?

By Peter Suciu

#History 05-06-23

F-22 Raptor: Was It Too Ahead of Its Time?

By Peter Suciu

#History 04-22-23

Sukhoi Su-57 “Felon”: Russia’s Stealth Fighter?

By Peter Suciu

#Gear #History 04-15-23

The Chengdu J-20 “Mighty Dragon” — China’s Top Stealth Fighter?

By Peter Suciu

#Guns #History 04-01-23

T-54/55 Tanks: Russia’s 70-Year-Old Tanks Go Back to War

By Peter Suciu

#Guns #History 03-25-23

The AT-3 Sagger — Deadly Russian Suitcase Missile

By Peter Suciu

#Guns #History 03-11-23

Russian T-72: Most Destroyed Modern Tank in History?

By Peter Suciu

#Guns 02-25-23

Scourge of Russian Tanks — The FGM-148 Javelin

By Peter Suciu

#Guns #History 02-11-23

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