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Kevin LordAuthor

Review: The G-Sight ELMS Expert Laser Marksman System

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 09-30-22

Review: Olight Baldr Pro R Weapon Light

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 05-01-22

Review: Streamlight TLR-6 for the Hellcat

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 01-17-22

Running & Gunning with Old Eighteen Defense

By Kevin Lord

#Skills 06-25-21

Review: The Micro-Sized Olight Baton 3

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 04-18-21

Loaded Precision: Springfield’s Sensational .308

By Kevin Lord

#Guns 04-12-21

Bravo Concealment BCA 3.0 OWB Hellcat Holster Review

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 03-07-21

N8 Tactical OWB Pro-Lock Holster and FLEX Mag Pouch Review

By Kevin Lord

#EDC #Gear 02-25-21

Irons vs. Optics for CCW: Which Should I Use?

By Kevin Lord

#Gear #Skills 01-02-21
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A Tiny Titan: The Olight Odin Mini

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 12-13-20

XD-M Elite 5.25: The Best Competition-Ready 9mm?

By Kevin Lord

#Guns 12-08-20

What’s a Baldr Pro?

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 08-13-20

A Gun-Mounted Camera? Viridian XTL Gen 3

By Kevin Lord

#Gear 04-27-20

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