Review: The G-Sight ELMS Expert Laser Marksman System

By Kevin Lord
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Review: The G-Sight ELMS Expert Laser Marksman System

September 30th, 2022

4 minute read

Many firearm experts will tell you that the key to any training routine is dry-fire practice. I could not agree more. So, let’s dig a little more deeply into this subject. First off, I will walk you through what “dry fire” training is and why it’s so important. Then, I will tell you about an amazing product from G-Sight that will change your dry-fire training forever.

review of the g-sight elms system
The perfect dry fire tool? The author reviews the Expert Laser Marksman System (ELMS) from G-Sight.

What Is Dry-Fire Training?

Dry-fire practice is training without live ammunition, with your own pistol and most often in your own home. This practice is so important because it allows you to train more frequently and without the bad habits that live-fire training can instill. If you only shoot live ammunition, you’re potentially training your hands for poor trigger control.

For every time you fire a live round, the recoil pushes back on your hands. Because the barrel of the pistol is higher than your hands, the force of the recoil causes the muzzle end of the pistol to pop up momentarily until your hands counteract the movement with downward resistance, bringing the muzzle of the pistol back into alignment with your target.

g-sight elms on iphone
Dry fire can help you improve your shooting technique. The G-Sight ELMS can turbocharge your efforts.

If this is the only practice your hands get, you’re training your hands to automatically provide that physical downward resistance every time you pull the trigger. Now I’m not saying live-fire training is bad by any means, because it is also critical in your training routine. However, dry-fire training can help you learn your firearm, the length of take up or travel of the trigger as well as the breaking point of your trigger (The “click”), and more importantly teach you key factors in shooting without the anticipation of felt recoil.


The G-Sight ELMS (Expert Laser Marksman System) Plus uses several key things to help you grow and develop your dry-fire training. The ELMS is a caliber-specific laser cartridge that goes into the chamber of your pistol that interacts with an app that is downloaded onto your phone. And, in the ELMS Plus ProPack, it comes with a tripod stand, phone holder and a target that you hang on your wall in the room of your house where you train.

g-sight elms with target
The G-Sight ELMS pairs with your Android or Apple device to give you an improved dry fire training experience.

How this system works is as follows: first, make sure you have absolutely no live rounds in your training area. Then, load your caliber-specific ELMS cartridge into your pistol. Next, with your phone mounted on the tripod and the app open and loaded on your desired training selection, aim your phone at the target. The app will take a picture of the target on your wall.

Take aim and “fire” your shot. The app will detect exactly where the laser strikes the target, recording it on the screen and allowing you to see exactly where you hit. Then, by slightly racking the slide to reset the striker, you can continue with follow-up shots.

The app allows you to record 10 hits on target, then allowing you to review them when you are done. You get unlimited hits if you get the upgraded package in the app. No more dry-fire training not knowing where or if you hit your target.

While the app itself is free to download for Apple and Android, it does have some advanced training options that you would have to pay extra. These are the unlimited shot version and the shot timer version. These each run just a few dollars. Each individual ELMS laser cartridge you want to purchase runs $89.95, unless bought in a ProPack package for $151 (which comes with one cartridge of your choice). Chamberings offered are .380, 9mm, .35& SIG, .40, 10mm, .45, and even .45 Colt. The tripod is $60 and the phone holder $14, individually. However, you can get all these products and more in different packages on G-Sight’s website.

Hands On with the G-Sight ELMS

I didn’t believe in the idea of training without live ammunition when I first got into shooting. With G-Sight ELMS Plus, I soon realized how misguided that was. Plus, I really learned a lot with the G-Sight ELMS Plus training system.

g-sight elms propack
G-Sight offers the ELMS in a ProPack that includes everything you would need to get started with its program.

It helped me realize what I was doing wrong, whether it was anticipating the recoil on my smaller-frame, larger-caliber pistols or that wicked pulldown I had on my smaller pistols that had me doing that silly low-left issue. The G-Sight ELMS training system has really helped me out.


If you want to train like the professionals but without that professional price on ammo. Training with G-Sight ELMS is your way to go. It’s long been said Dry Fire training is the way to go, now you can do that without worrying about that unwanted damage or wear to your beloved firearms. There is no other training system out there like the G-Sight ELMS. So, save yourself the price on ammo, get out there and get your ELMS from G-Sight today.

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Kevin Lord

Kevin Lord

Kevin Lord, also known as KLGunner, was born and raised in Arizona, later moving to Texas to work in the oil fields back in 2011. He was a diesel mechanic for 10 years. In 1997 he got into firearms through his father who started teaching him about them and how to handle them safely. Together they did small arms competitions and a lot of hunting. Today, Kevin is currently a medical field professional and a moderator for The Armory Life Forum.

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