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Dan ThursAuthor

Applied Gear Hybrid EDC Belt

By Dan Thurs

#EDC #Gear 09-02-21

Do You ExtraCarry?

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 01-16-21

Build a Grip with AlumaGrips

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 12-20-20

Remora 2-in-1 Combo for CCW

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 11-29-20

Mepro Foresight: A 21st Century Optic?

By Dan Thurs

#Guns 11-25-20

Ordnance Group TAC-D Pivot 37mm Launcher

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 10-08-20

Is This the Best CCW Vest?

By Dan Thurs

#EDC #Gear 09-06-20

What Is a Slide Spider?

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 07-16-20

Ultimate Shooting Glasses?

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 02-07-20
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Can You CCW a Full-Size 10mm?

By Dan Thurs

#Gear 12-30-19

Can You Handle the 10mm TRP?

By Dan Thurs

#Guns 11-29-19

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