Can You CCW a Full-Size 10mm?

By Dan Thurs
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Can You CCW a Full-Size 10mm?

December 30th, 2019

3 minute read

It packs 15 rounds of 10mm. It weighs 31.2 oz. and is 7.7″ overall. It’s the Springfield Armory XD-M 4.5″ pistol, and it’s a lot of defensive firepower in a polymer-framed package. However, it’s not as easy to CCW as something like a Hellcat.

But what if this is the gun you want to carry concealed? You’ll need a good holster that is designed to make carrying something like this practical and comfortable. If you’re looking for a great holster, Crossbreed Holsters is the place to look. We’re looking at the SuperTuck IWB holster.

The SuperTuck from Crossbreed is a great option for those who want to carry a big gun like the XD-M 10mm.

What I find really appealing with this holster is not only its ability to effectively pack a pistol like the XD-M 10mm, but also the ease with which it can be switched from inside-the-waistband (IWB) to outside-the-waistband (OWB) mode. All you need is a Philips screwdriver. Take the belt clips off the front and mount them on the back.

Making Your Choice

Crossbreed holsters offer a lot of options. In the selection section on their website, you start out with the manufacturer, followed by the model, followed by the option of light or laser. They even have an option for a slide-mounted electronic sight. Next is right- or left-handed (yep, they offer it both ways) and if you want a standard cut or combat cut.

You can adjust the retention on the pistol in the SuperTuck.

The combat cut is a modification that trims the leather away from the grip area to allow for a faster draw. The result is that leather only remains behind the frame and slide of the pistol. The combat cut gives you a potentially faster draw, but reduced comfort as the pistol’s grip will be in direct contact with the wearer’s skin. For this article, I selected the standard cut. Finally, you can pick the type of leather and color of the Kydex.

To customize it to your carry preferences, this holster also has retention adjustments for the handgun. The included Allen wrench makes these adjustments a snap. There’s even a place to adjust the retention of your optional spare magazine carrier. Just a couple of turns and the magazine is secure.

As I mentioned earlier, this holster can be converted to OWB in just a few minutes. The only issue I had was the spare magazine pouch flopped around a little. That’s not an issue when using the holster IWB.

You can also adjust the tension on the optional magazine carrier.

Have It Your Way

You’re sure to be pleased with this holster. The quality is high. The ease with which the system can be adjusted, be it the cant angle or how high or low the holster sits on your belt, makes this a must-have holster. Once clipped on the belt, the belt clips held the holster in place. As an added little bonus, the holster arrived in a nice cloth bag.

I found that it made packing a pistol like the XD-M 10mm surprisingly easy. This is a lot of gun and a lot of firepower, but the Crossbreed SuperTuck made carrying it a breeze.

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