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December 4, 2023

Hellcat: A Cop’s Best Backup Gun?

By Massad Ayoob

#Guns Yesterday, 12-03-23

KV-2 — The Soviet Union’s Red Colossus

By Tom Laemlein

#History 12-02-23

Black Hills HoneyBadger 10mm Review

By Roy Huntington

#Gear 12-01-23

How to Choose a 1911 Pistol

By Dan Abraham

#Guns 11-30-23

Viridian RFX45 Review — Closed Emitter Green Dot Optic

By Scott Conditt

#Gear 11-29-23

What Are Marine Expeditionary Units?

By Capt. Dale Dye, USMC (Ret)

#History 11-28-23

What Is USCCA?

By Wayne van Zwoll

#Skills 11-27-23

The Armory Life

Why You Need a Good Tactical Flashlight

By Richard Johnson

#Gear 11-26-23

F-100 Super Sabre: A Supersonic Coffin?

By Will Dabbs, MD

#History 11-25-23
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Fixed Blade vs. Folding Knife for EDC?

By Mike Boyle

#EDC #Gear 11-24-23

Effective Range — How Far Can You Push the SAINT Victor 9mm Carbine?

By Beyond Seclusion

#Guns 11-23-23

Review: KORE Executive Protection and Tactical Nylon Belt Systems

By Justin Opinion

#Gear 11-22-23

Suicide Boats: Japan’s Shinyo Kamikaze Craft

By Tom Laemlein

#History 11-21-23

Sportsman’s Warehouse Exclusive Viridian Hellcat Pro Threaded

By Will Dabbs, MD

#Guns 11-20-23

Book Review: “The .45 Caliber M1911 Automatic Pistol”

By Richard Johnson

#History 11-19-23

The A-4 Skyhawk Light Attack Plane

By Will Dabbs, MD

#History 11-18-23

QuietKat Apex Pro Review — A Hunting E-Bike

By Scott Conditt

#Gear #Hunting 11-17-23

Carbon Fiber Barrel vs. Steel — Which Is Better?

By Robert A. Sadowski

#Guns 11-16-23

New Color Variant Hellions

By Jeremy Tremp

#Guns 11-15-23

Fritz X: The Nazi’s Ship-Killing Guided Bomb

By Tom Laemlein

#History 11-14-23

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