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Tom LaemleinAuthor

At Close Range: The M1911 Pistol in the Korean War

#Guns 08-10-21

The Most Rare Airborne 1911 of All Time?

#Guns 07-13-21

M3 Grease Gun in the Cold War & Beyond

#Guns 07-06-21

The Arsenal of Democracy’s Oversized Training Guns

#Guns 06-01-21

Cold War Spies Uncover the AK-47

#Guns 05-25-21

The M1 Garand & the Cold War

#Guns 05-18-21

Battle History of the M1 Garand in WWII

#Guns 05-11-21

Air Assault Rifle: Germany’s Fabled FG42

#Guns 04-20-21

America’s Unsung World War II Hero: The M1917 Rifle

#Guns 03-23-21
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An American Enfield: The M1917 Rifle in World War I

#Guns 03-16-21

The M1C and M1D Garand Sniper Rifles

#Guns 03-02-21

Preparing for War with the 1911

#Guns 02-22-21

M3 Grease Gun: Taking a Cheap Shot

#Guns 01-26-21

Everything You Need to Know About the M1 Garand

#Guns 01-12-21

The BAR in Korea

#Guns 12-22-20

Devil’s Brigade Secret Weapon: The Johnson M1941 LMG

#Guns 12-07-20

Nazi Secret Weapon: The Krummlauf StG44

#Guns 11-10-20

America’s Secret Weapon of World War I

#Guns 11-03-20

Did America Not Need the Garand?

#Guns 10-06-20

Arsenal of Democracy: World War II War Posters

#Guns 09-01-20

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