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Tom LaemleinAuthor

Was the M1903A4 Sniper Rifle No Good?

#Guns 04-26-22

The .30-40 U.S. Krag-Jorgensen in Combat

#Guns 04-19-22

Axis vs. AA Guns: History of American Anti-Aircraft Weapons

#Guns 04-12-22

The First Russian-Ukrainian War … of 1919

#Guns 04-07-22

Molotov Cocktail vs. Tank: A History of This Desperate Measure

#Survival 03-03-22

Stopping the U-234: Hitler’s Atom Bomb Submarine

#Survival 01-25-22

Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

#Guns 12-28-21

American Small Arms on the Day of Infamy

#Guns 12-07-21

A Second-Generation Springfield — The M1903A3

#Guns 11-30-21
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Tommy Guns, Fists and Coffee Cups: USS Buckley Repels Nazi Boarders

#Guns 11-22-21

Heavy Weapons of the Viet Cong

#Guns 11-16-21

Small Arms of the Viet Cong

#Guns 10-26-21

General Quarters: U.S. Navy M14 Rifles

#Guns 10-19-21

Dangerous Steps: Viet Cong Booby Traps

#Survival 10-14-21

At Close Range: The M1911 Pistol in the Korean War

#Guns 08-10-21

The Most Rare Airborne 1911 of All Time?

#Guns 07-13-21

M3 Grease Gun in the Cold War & Beyond

#Guns 07-06-21

The Arsenal of Democracy’s Oversized Training Guns

#Guns 06-01-21

Cold War Spies Uncover the AK-47

#Guns 05-25-21

The M1 Garand & the Cold War

#Guns 05-18-21

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