Mepro Foresight: A 21st Century Optic?

By Dan Thurs
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Mepro Foresight: A 21st Century Optic?

November 25th, 2020

4 minute read

Mepro is rapidly becoming a contender in top-quality optics. Both personally and professionally, I’ve used more than my fair share of optics and found that some rise to the top, others are okay, and many are just not really worth the time for professionals such as law enforcement or security. But Mepro has risen to the top with the Foresight. Welcome to the 21st century.

The Foresight reflex optic from Meprolight offers 21st century tech in an extremely rugged and durable package. Image: Travis Pike

To be blunt, this is a robust sight. We took this into the woods and gave it a major workout. Moving through branches and underbrush had no effect on the sight, and it held zero like a champ. Two quick-release clamps make removing the sight to be put on another firearm quick and easy.

But it is also a refined and capable optic. With up to 10 presets for zero, you can swap firearms with a click on your phone or tablet through the optic’s mobile app, and the sight does the rest. Swap the sight between your Springfield Armory SAINT pistol, to a rifle for close quarters, or to your long-range rifle. This is one optic for numerous firearms.

Compact yet capable, the Foresight is adaptable to a wide range of firearms.

Breaking the Mold

The Mepro Foresight isn’t your average reflex-style sight. Trust me, I’ve used a lot of them. Unlike all the others where you have perhaps four options of a reticle, the Mepro Foresight has 20 options from the Meprolight app, from a tiny dot to very bold circles or crosshairs. Up to five reticles are stored on the sight itself, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Capable of integrating with your mobile phone through a dedicated app, the Foresight is extremely capable. Image: Meprolight

Want to use your optic as a compass? All that is required is a simple calibration, which involved me standing outside moving in a circle while pointing the firearm up and down at 45-degree angles — up at each compass point, and down between each. I made two full circles and it was done. Now the Foresight displays my compass heading. Another interesting feature is the sight leveler.

The user can switch out a wide range of reticles to suit their needs/preferences.

The Details

How about we talk about the features now?

  • Store up to 10 zeroing weapon profiles or user profiles
  • Upload previously stored profiles from your mobile app to the sight
  • A rich selection of reticles for all tactical scenarios
  • Frequent firmware updates and features
  • Automatic digital zeroing using Double Shoot™ App
  • Weight of 9.9 oz
  • A rechargeable battery which is charged by means of a USB-C port
  • 33x20mm window
  • Dimensions of 4.6″ x 2.35″ x 2.68″ (117mm x 60mm x 68mm)
  • Auto shut-off /auto power-resume
  • Digital compass

What does the future hold for the Foresight? Hard to say. With Bluetooth connectivity, features are being added, such as a shot counter. Personally, I would like to see something like the sight level indicator for the angle up and down, not just rotation of the firearm. Perhaps even having the reticle move to compensate for changes in level would be a possibility?

Speaking of zeroing the sight, another app that makes that task really easy is the Double Shoot™ App. With this app, you can have your firearm zeroed with just a few shots. Saving time and ammunition. You simply take a few shots, then take a picture using the Double Shoot™ App. The app will analyze your grouping to locate the mean point of impact and set zero. No need to even touch your sight. It’s all done right on your phone or tablet.

The Foresight is a great companion for a firearm like this SAINT Victor .308 Pistol. Image: Travis Pike


All in all, I was extremely impressed with the Mepro Foresight. This is a reflex optic that takes the technology to the next level, offering you a cutting-edge optic that ties in with your mobile phone and offers you a ton of features and possibly future upgrades. This is definitely an optic to keep an eye on!

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