Ordnance Group TAC-D Pivot 37mm Launcher

By Dan Thurs
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Ordnance Group TAC-D Pivot 37mm Launcher

October 8th, 2020

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The Ordnance Group, based in Florida, is a premier manufacturer of single-shot 37mm launchers with several available options. These include different length barrels as well as standalone launchers and underbarrel-mounted launchers. I recently picked up one of the latter for review, the Tac-D Pivot 37mm.

The Tac-D Pivot 37mm launcher is reasonably compact and lightweight, and designed to attach to a Picatinny rail strip.

First up, let’s explain exactly what a 37mm launcher is. While it looks like a “grenade launcher,” it is in fact a perfectly legal launcher that can be used by civilians with non-lethal specialty rounds such as flares and similar offerings.

The Details

With a 6” barrel and an overall length of just 9.25”, the Tac-D Pivot can be mounted on any rifle with a Picatinny rail using the included underbarrel clamp. The size of this launcher lends itself very well to short-barreled rifles and compact AR’s where the length of the rail is limited. Its weight is 2 lbs., 3 oz.

An “Expansion Pack” for the launcher gives it a pistol grip and buttstock assembly for standalone use.

Another option is to upgrade to the standalone unit for an additional $120.  This gets you a pistol grip as well as a buffer tube and shoulder stock.

The system employs an ambidextrous safety located just below the cocking lever.

One very nice feature of the Tac-D Pivot is how you load it — and it’s right there in the name. Unlike many other launchers, the Tac-D pivot rotates the chamber to either side for loading either left- or right-handed.

The “Pivot” part of the name is tied to the fact the barrel can pivot left or right for easy loading.


The unit features an ambidextrous safety just above the trigger, and a cocking lever is located just above it. The unit is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and 4140 steel, and features a one-piece receiver for strength.

The unit has a compact 6″ barrel and an overall length of just 9.25″.

The top of the unit is unobstructed to allow it to tuck tightly up against your underbarrel rail, and there is a beveled lower Picatinny rail on its lower face for accessories. For example, when I tried this out on my M1A rifle, I put a bipod on that lower rail.

The Fuel

But enough about the launcher. You want to know what you can shoot out of it, right? A lot of fun stuff, I can tell you. I was able to pick up some interesting options from Exotic Ammo (check out the link at the bottom of this piece).

The 37mm rounds are big, bulky and a lot of fun!

I’m sure you’re wondering, how much is this going to cost you per round?  Well, around $10 per round if you’re buying them pre-made. However, the hulls are reloadable. Exotic Ammo has all the supplies you need, from hulls in plastic or aluminum, to primers and fuse. You will need the cardboard tubes; some aren’t actually 37mm like advertised, but about 31.5mm.


The Tac-D Pivot 37mm launcher from Ordnance Group represents a really interesting option for those looking for something a little different — and a lot of fun — for their collection. Either as an underbarrel unit or a stand-alone system, the Tac-D Pivot delivers tons of fun downrange.

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