What Is a Slide Spider?

By Dan Thurs
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What Is a Slide Spider?

July 16th, 2020

3 minute read

There you are, trying to run that third course of the day and you need to cycle the slide. You grab the slide to cycle in a round and your hand slips off because it’s all sweaty. Precious seconds are lost, and it costs you the match. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Now imagine that your life is on the line. Now it’s not the match that is lost.

Need a little extra grip on the slide of your self-defense pistol? Then check out the “Slide Spider” from ArachniGrip.

What’s the solution? You have options… Perhaps you put a speed racking handle on? These are great for competition shooting, but as an option for your every day carry gun, not as much. In my experience, that handle will dig into your side and the next chance you have, it’s coming off. So, what’s the answer? ArachniGrip has you covered.

The Slide Spider is a simple and effective solution to a serious issue — not having proper grip on your slide.

Weaving the Web

The “Slide Spider” from ArachniGrip is a devilishly simple, yet amazingly capable answer to this issue. It is an adhesive grip designed to fit in the slide serrations of your pistol and give you a low-profile, but extremely “grippy” surface. It is available for numerous Springfield Armory pistols, including the Hellcat, XD-S, XD-E, XD-M, XD, XD Mod2, 1911s and EMP. In fact, I recently got to try it out on my own XD-M pistol.

The Slide Spider is offered in red or black, and with or without the company’s spider logo.

The adhesive is very secure so long as you clean the area well with the provided alcohol wipes. The ArachniGrip website says that, when properly applied, you can expect 1,000 slide cycles — although you must be careful to not get gun oil on them.

You can also special order your own logos, or things like the American flag.

Currently, ArachniGrip is available in red and black, with or without the company’s spider logo. In addition, you can have your own image applied, like the U.S. flag pictured in this piece, or even your own personal or company logo.

The adhesive attaches firmly to give you a lot of gripping surface.

Sticky Situation

How easy is it to install the Slide Spider? Not hard at all. I simply used the provided alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean the area and let it dry. Remove the backing and line up the hole on the top of the slide, and make sure it’s all straight. Next, move each “finger” of the product into the serrations and press into place. Once all is lined up, push firmly and you’re done. 

Even sweaty hands will stay firmly engaged with the Slide Spider.

Each package is $19.95 and comes with two Slide Spider grips, so you’re set for a long time. Most major brands and makes of firearms are available. Don’t see yours? Fill out the contact form and see if they can get you covered. All Slide Spiders are proudly made right here in the US of A.

The product is very low-profile and unobtrusive when you don’t need it, but there for you when you do.

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