Bridget’s Off-Grid Bianchi Remedy Holster Review

By Bridget Fabel
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Bridget’s Off-Grid Bianchi Remedy Holster Review

April 20th, 2022

6 minute read

In today’s article, Bridget Fabel brings us her Bianchi Remedy holster review. This open-top leather carry rig is designed for outside-the-waistband carry in a concealed or open manner. As it turns out, the Bianchi Remedy proved rugged enough for use in the great outdoors. ~Editor

As an avid outdoorswoman, I do a lot of different activities while alone in the mountains. I’ve always loved roaming the hills by myself, and as a young woman people have always found it odd that I felt comfortable doing that since a young age.

Woman shooting bow while carrying a 1911 pistol in a Bianchi Remedy holster
In this Bianchi Remedy review, the author gives the holster a real-world workout.

In high school, I was a straight “A” student and never got into trouble. Despite this, some parents of my friends did not want their kids hanging out with me because my desire to take hikes in the woods as camping and fishing every day was “not something young girls do on their own.” 

My Own Path

Despite it being out of the ordinary for a lot of people, I’ve always found comfort in my solo adventures. Never once have I ever felt alone or afraid. I find peace knowing that I can do what I want, when I want, in the woods. I don’t need someone to take me fishing or hunting; I can simply go out there to the beat of my own drum.

Woman hunting while carrying a 1911 pistol in a Bianchi Remedy holster
Also known as the Model 57, the Bianchi Remedy proved to be an exceptionally good 1911 holster when carried into the wild.

Yes, doing these tasks alone in the woods has its risks, but I’ve always taken personal defense very seriously — and always have a 1911 on my hip. I began open carrying the second I legally could, and it’s been about 10 years now that I’ve done so. I have a conceal carry permit and I love concealing a weapon when necessary, but because of my time in the woods, I prefer to open carry my different varieties of Springfield 1911 pistols. 

Hunting, fishing and guiding for a living, I’d guess I spend at least 200 days a year open carrying in the mountains. With this amount of time carrying, having the perfect holster is crucial. There are a lot of things I look for when carrying a pistol, and I’ve had a lot of years to become picky when it comes to picking out the perfect holster. My open carry holster of choice is the Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster. It is also known as the Model 57.

Woman backpacking while carrying 1911 pistol in holster
Is the Remedy the best holster for fly fishing? Here the author is packing in her gear to a secret fishing spot.

Making My Choice

I used to use Kydex holsters and, while they offer a lot of great features, I hated the fact that they scratched my beautiful 1911s to pieces. I decided in the past couple of years that I was going to make the switch to leather. We all know that leather will wear on a gun, but the wear is significantly reduced in my opinion. 

Let’s be honest, leather holsters have been around for generations. Since the cowboys slung bullets in the Old West, leather holsters have been an outdoorsman’s top pick. When looking for the perfect leather holster, I needed something that I could easily use on a belt and on the hip strap of my backpack. 

When hunting and fishing, I love attaching my gun’s holster to the hip strap of my pack. This has a comfortable feel and gives you fast access for a draw. The Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster has been the most stable leather holster on my backpack. It holds tight and doesn’t bounce as I bounce on my hikes.

Woman bow hunting with a Springfield Armory 1911 in a Bianchi Remedy holster
Many bow hunters like to carry a pistol backup when away from civilization. The author is shown here with one of her Springfield 1911 pistols carried in the Bianchi Remedy.

Different holsters in the past have bounced and moved so much as I walked that they’d actually leave little bruises on my thigh. The Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster holds that gun in place securely and comfortably on all my outdoor adventures.

Bianchi Remedy Model 57 holster on a workbench
While evidence of use is visible on the Bianchi holster, it remains in excellent shape after many long days spent in the field.

The outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster, available in tan or back (with a “weathered tan” version also available), is an open-top design that offers quick access and an easy draw. It has belt slots for belts up to 1.5” in diameter and is a very low-profile design. Available in left- and right-hand versions, MSRP of the holster is $63.50.

Close At Hand

Besides carrying my Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster on my pack, I need a holster that is comfortable and secure on my belt. When fishing from shore, a float tube or boat, I like to have my gun easily accessible and on my person at all times.

Woman carrying a compound bow on her back along with a 1911 pistol in a leather holster
The Model 57 holster proved durable enough for any outdoor activity the author conjured up.

I’ve been stalked by mountain lions, come face to face with bears, been charged by a moose and have been approached by sketchy people within the past several years on the mountain. For those reasons, it’s clear that I need to be able to access my gun in a fraction of a second.

Woman fly fishing while carrying a 1911 pistol for bear protection
Fishing these streams can put one in the path of hungry bears and other critters. The Bianchi Remedy securely held the Springfield 1911 throughout the days and weeks of hunting and fishing.

The Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster lies comfortably on my belt for every adventure. It stays in place, and the barrel of the gun lies flat against my hip with no bounce. The trigger and majority of the gun are protected as I walk through tight trees and climb mountains. The quality and craftsmanship of the leather is noticeable from the second that you take it out of the box. I love the simplicity of this holster — it really is exactly what every outdoorsman is looking for.

Woman hiking while carrying a Springfield Armory 1911 in a Bianchi Remedy holster
Splattered with mud and carried through the brush, the Bianchi Remedy proved to be an excellent open carry holster for the author.

Every good open carry holster needs to hold your gun tightly while also allowing you to draw quickly. I’ve been really impressed with the tight hold of the Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster. While it holds my Springfield 1911 snugly, I’m also able to remove my gun from it quickly and smoothly with one hand.

Bianchi Remedy Review Conclusion

Through the years of testing it out, it has not stretched on me or worn to the point where I can no longer use it. It’s held its form and function through hundreds and hundreds of hard days on the mountain, and for that reason and many more I’ll always choose to pair the Bianchi Remedy Belt Slide Holster with my Springfield 1911 when I’m open carrying on the mountain.

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Bridget Fabel

Bridget Fabel

Bridget Fabel is an avid fly fisherwoman, bow hunter, and 2nd Amendment advocate originally from the small town of Stillwater, New Jersey. She grew up on a farm loving the great outdoors and decided to move west by herself at the age of 20 to the beautiful state of Utah where she now resides. Moving west and exploring the desolate mountains alone for hunting and fishing can be a rare and intimidating undertaking for some women, but Bridget learned to embrace her independence and freedom through her ability to carry firearms and protect herself everywhere she goes. Now a proud concealed carry permit holder for five years, Bridget likes to conceal carry and open carry daily. Bridget’s biggest passion is sharing her love and confidence in the outdoors with the young men and women of America.

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