Recover Tactical 1911 Grip & Rail System

By Michael Mills
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Recover Tactical 1911 Grip & Rail System

June 19th, 2020

5:20 runtime

The feeling of a 1911 is unlike any other pistol platform out there. From its rock-solid construction to its exceptional trigger, the rest of the firearms world has been chasing this one for a long time. Many people get bit by the 1911 bug after a single trip to the range with one.

The Recover Tactical 1911 Grip and Rail System gives you an affordable and easy way to add a rail to your pistol.

Many of us started out young with our joy for shooting passed down from family and friends. As a first-time buyer, they may not have had the budget to go straight to a Springfield Operator or other railed model.

Mike wanted to upgrade his beloved Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 with a rail system to add a weaponlight.

So, what do we do if we want to run a weapon-mounted light and keep running our current non-railed Springfield 1911? Oh, and for around only $50? The Recover Tactical CC3P Grip and Rail System. Check out my video review above, and keep reading this article which is continued below.

Rail is shown here fitted with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL 1,000 lumen LED weapon-mounted light.

A Simple Solution

The Recover Tactical Grip and Rail System is a wonderfully simple solution to this issue. It installs in minutes with the simplest of tools — many you likely have in the kitchen junk drawer. For me, it was a flat screwdriver and the allen wrench supplied in the rail kit.

[Check out our article How to Replace 1911 Grips for some tips and tricks before starting this project.]

The Recover kit includes two color option grip inserts (Black and Phantom Grey) and two moldings that fully cover the grip and trigger guard, extending out the front bottom side of the frame adding a rail.

The Recover Tactical system comes with two sets of panel inserts — one in Black, and one in Phantom Grey (shown).

Should You Bother?

A weapon-mounted light is a preferred option for illuminating targets in low-light training and fun target practice out on your favorite range. Having a weapon-mounted light allows you to more positively control your firearm under recoil as compared to having a non-attached light in your support hand.

Now, we have all heard one is none and two is one, right? If you haven’t, basically this means to always carry a backup in case your primary tool goes down. Well, having a rail-mounted light allows you to carry both a pocket light and weapon-mounted light with ease.

With the Recover Tactical CC3P Grip and Rail System, you can fit your non-railed 1911 out with a wide range of accessories.


For me, the Recover Tactical CC3P Grip and Rail System for the 1911 is the perfect solution for me keeping my favorite non-railed Springfield Armory 1911 in the mix and upgraded to a light, but without having to break the bank. A no-gunsmithing solution like this for around $50 is a great option. So, check it out for yourself!

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Michael Mills

Michael Mills

Michael Mills created as a way to help spread good information, shed positive light on the gun community and to have fun. He has always loved teaching and helping others, especially when it comes to gun rights. This passion was further ingrained during his service in U.S. Army Special Operations, and he is a Use of Force Instructor, Defensive Tactics instructor, DEA Firearms Instructor and Police Academy instructor. He also has 15 years of law enforcement experience from patrol to supervision.

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