Review: Limited Edition Springfield Armory LifePod Safe

By Andy Grossman
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Review: Limited Edition Springfield Armory LifePod Safe

December 11th, 2021

4 minute read

As a firearms instructor and as a father, I stress firearms safety constantly. A good portable lockbox can be one of the most overlooked things in a firearms enthusiast’s life in my opinion.

It shouldn’t be.

You need a good lockbox to fly a gun in your luggage, lock your vehicle gun up, secure a pistol in your camper, and they can even be useful as bedside security.

Hellcat with Springfield Armory Vaultek LifePod
The LifePod looks great while keeping your firearm secure and out of the reach of unauthorized people.

The Springfield Armory limited-edition Vaultek LifePod is a compact, thin and fantastic-looking lockbox. It’s much sleeker than other handgun cases, and it is TSA-approved for air travel, which is a must for a good travel safe.

Vaultek LifePod open in luggage with pistol in it
I always travel with my Springfield EMP 4″ pistol, extra magazine and a knife, they all fit perfectly in the LifePod.

The LifePod is built out of an impact-resistant proprietary material blend that is strong and lightweight. The Springfield Vaultek LifePod is water-resistant, airtight, dustproof, and even submersible to 3-ft. of water for 30 minutes.  

Secure Security?

One of the most important parts of a lockbox is the ability to secure it to an immovable object to prevent theft. The included security cable with this safe is made from a thick gauge steel wire with a clear plastic coating to prevent it from rusting or fraying over time. The anchor itself has a wide, thick steel plate to secure the cable to the box’s steel slot that is built into it. When the cable’s inserted and the unit is locked, the lids trap the cable so the anchor cannot be removed.

Back up lock and charger on LifePod
Out of easy sight is a USB-type charger and backup lock for access should the battery fail.

The compression latch hinges are very well made and quite strong. To open the box, the latches need to be opened, which does make for a bit of a slower process to access it if the latches are latched.

For me, that is acceptable since the sole purpose of any lockbox is security and not quick access. The latches’ main purpose is to create that watertight and airtight seal to keep everything dry and safe inside. The locking latch and all the hardware is steel, and everything is internal so when the LifePod is closed there are virtually no pry points.

Latch and seal on LifePod
The side latches are part of a watertight and airtight seal that protects your valuables while stored or in transit.

The keypad consists of a four-button design that can be set to accept a four-to-eight-digit code. The keypad is more like a touch screen than buttons, though. It stays true to the incredibly sleek, almost futuristic design, and I absolutely loved the way the keypad functioned. You also get a key backup and a micro-USB backup in case the battery dies. The micro-USB will power the LifePod’s keypad if you do not have access to the keys. The thought put into all the methods to open this lockbox is incredible.

Gun Storage

All these incredible features and good looks are great but do not mean a damn thing if it does not store a gun well.

Locking mechanism on LifePod
While the side latches seal the contents from water intrusion, this is where the locking mechanism connects to keep out thieves.

I always travel with my Springfield EMP 4”, an extra magazine and a knife. The LifePod makes ample room for it all. You get square foam cubes that can be removed to outline your pistol’s shape if you want. Everything I need fits nice and tightly into the case and I know once those latches close and the lock is locked, I do not have to worry about anything.

Handgun safe in luggage
The Springfield Armory LifePod is secure and attractive. Plus, it is big enough to transport the essential self defense tools you need.

It is best suited for a more compact handgun due to the dimensions of the LifePod. A full-size 1911 will not fit. I suspect many of you want more of a carry gun anyway – especially when traveling.


So, is the Springfield edition of the Vaultek LifePod a good choice for a portable lock box? The simple answer is, yes. I wanted a lockbox that I could trust during travel. Something I can trust to keep unauthorized people out. I needed something that would not rust or break if it got wet or took some abuse.

At just $129.99 at the Springfield Armory online store, you really cannot beat the features — especially at that budget-friendly price point. If you need gun storage that not only looks great but functions just as well and can take pretty much any abuse you throw at it, the Springfield Vaultek LifePod may be the perfect lock box for you.

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Andy Grossman

Andy Grossman

Andy is a content creator and photographer for a wide range of outdoor publications, including Athlon Outdoors. As a certified NRA Instructor since 2008, he has taught concealed weapons courses and firearms safety courses in Michigan. Through both photography and writing, Andy tests and reviews the latest guns and gear with the goal to bring an unbiased opinion to the reader on some of the industry’s most popular products.

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