Top 5 Hellcat Red Dot Optics


Makes sense. I have vision correction as well. So your concern extends to ANY optic right?
Not really. I have another red dot on a different pistol and it's usable. It has a 3 moa dot, but it looks more like a jagged - to me than a circle. I'm just concerned about the 507K because of the reticle choice. I don't know how bad the large circle will look, and if I turn that off I'm left with a 2 moa dot only, which will probably be fine but I'd prefer to see it with my own eyes before I buy and have the slide modified.


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Kenzie's Optics, and believe it or not, I just got an email indicating it shipped today!

Nice. Great buy. I ended up getting one from Palmetto, but I think it was a bait and switch. I dont see it being in stock. Your price was better. Seeing 289 on Kenzies now. After viewing the sage video on that optic I really want to give it a try. I was about to pull the trigger on the swamp fox sentinal bundle with that iron shield thing, but that video with from sage put me over. He bashed that thing!
Two things...I was advised to pre-order as they fulfill those as soon as a shipment comes in first. Also try the coupon code TY10 - it worked for me for 10% off that gets you to 260.

The Sentinel seems like a good, nicely priced sight. I decided against it because of how much it apparently obscures the iron sights on the Hellcat. I liked the 32 MOA circle around a 2 MOA dot, the more robust frame around a glass optic, and the side battery port so I don;t have to remove it. I don't like that I have to modify the index posts, but figure that without them I can mount virtually any sight if I want to ever change (which I seriously doubt I would).
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Would sure love to see a comparison of the relative window sizes of all these optics. I have the Hellcat that came with the SMSc on it. I like it though the window is really small and its easy to lose or not pick up the dot at times. I know need more practice but a larger window might be nice.
I have the Shield RMSc on my Hellcat and, after some practice on presentation and some range time, the dot is right where it needs to be. I think this is the case on all red dots in most cases. Practice makes perfect. I also have an M&P Shield 9mm that I'd like to put a red dot on. I'm waiting to see what forum members experience with the new Hex Wasp. If all goes well, I'd put the Shield RMSc on the M&P Shield 9mm and the Hex Wasp on my Hellcat.
This is an old thread but is there any new optics available now to add a Hellcat?

Also does anyone know what brand holster the author was using?