Top 5 Hellcat Red Dot Optics

By Richard Johnson
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Top 5 Hellcat Red Dot Optics

November 12th, 2020

7 minute read

Without a doubt, the Springfield Armory Hellcat is one of the hottest guns on the market. People have been buying them as quickly as the company can make them. I’m one of those owners, and I’ve been thrilled with my purchase.

The Shield micro red dot on the Springfield Hellcat
The Hellcat OSP (shown here in FDE), topped off with a Shield SMSc red dot optic.

In addition to the standard version, Springfield Armory offers the Hellcat with OSP options. The OSP, or Optical Sight Pistol, is a version of the gun that allows an electronic optic’s easy addition through direct mounting to the slide. The result is a means for low-mounting a micro optic that will allow co-witnessing with the pistol’s excellent U-Dot sights.

These guns’ slides are machined to fit the Shield RMSc optic footprint. This footprint is the new standard for micro-optics designed for thin carry pistols.

Shown in a holster, this Springfield Hellcat is equipped with a red dot optic
A Hellcat OSP can make for a highly capable CCW self-defense and EDC option.

If you are like me, you wanted to find the best red dot to mount on your Hellcat. Let’s look at some of the options, and I will share what I picked for my own daily carry Hellcat.

Shield Sights SMSc

The Shield Sights SMSc is a polymer-bodied version of the aluminum Shield RMSc. It was one of the first micro-sized sights on the market and is a perfect fit on the Hellcat. That’s one of the reasons why you see so many of the pistols fitted with the SMSc.

The sights have a polymer body that offers a balance of light weight and durability. An internal LED projects a 4 MOA aiming dot onto the quartz-coated polymer lens, which allows you to get on target fast.

Angle view of the Shield SMSc
The SMSc red dot from Shield Sights is a great partner for your Hellcat OSP 9mm pistol.

Shield Sights designed the SMSc to operate in a constant-on mode, meaning it is always ready to go. It uses an automatic brightness adjustment system to keep the aiming point bright enough for the lighting conditions.

According to the company, a single CR2032 battery should power the unit for two to three years. However, with typical carry and storage, the dot is often minimally powered. The company expects the average user to get four or more years of use on a single battery. My recommendation is to pick a date on the calendar and change the battery once a year on that date. Batteries are relatively cheap, and you don’t want your sight to go down because you were trying to save a few pennies.

The Shield Sights SMSc is a good value with a price tag of $299. That price includes everything you need to install and zero the sight. Also, a battery is included.

JP Enterprises JPoint

Well known in the competition and precision shooting markets, JP Enterprises has a reputation of building and selling quality firearms and shooting gear. The company extends that tradition with a pair of compact red dot style sights that will mount to the Hellcat’s RMSc optic footprint.

Called the JPoint, the sight is available with either a 4 MOA or 8 MOA red aiming point and is considered by some to be one of the best Springfield Hellcat optics available. An LED — not a laser — projects the aiming dot, so there is no danger of accidental eye damage. The hard-coated acrylic lens has a 98% light transmission rating.

The J-Point red dot from the side
The JPoint micro red dot from JP Enterprises is a light and affordable red dot option for your Hellcat.

These sights are lightweight — less than one ounce each — which allows you to add one to your Hellcat without a meaningful weight increase on your belt. Made of glass-reinforced nylon polymer, the optic is designed to handle more than 5000g of recoil force. Additionally, it has an operating temperature of -13˚ F to more than 130˚ F.

Powered by a single CR2032 battery, the sights have an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the aiming dot. The company states that in normal use, the battery life should be between six and 12 months. I’d recommend changing batteries at the same six-month interval with your smoke detectors for much the same reason.

The sights are affordable at $299, with either-sized aiming dot. JP Enterprises backs the JPoint with a warranty for as long as you own it. That warranty is transferrable to a second owner.

Shield RMSw

In addition to the SMSc from Shield (as well as the RMSc), there is also another interesting option in the RMSw. Although slightly larger than the SMSc and RMSc, the new RMSw brings a watertight seal to the table to ensure durability and resistance to the elements. The RMSw has a newly designed aluminum housing that is thicker and is the first Shield dot to feature a new hard-coated polymer lens.

Installing the Shield RMSw on a Hellcat slide
The Shield RMSw brings a watertight design to the table. Shown with optional thin mounting plate for the Hellcat.

As you probably figured out, the “w” in the name indicates the watertight seal design. A completely waterproof design, the battery compartment is sealed with a rubber gasket that sits between the sight and the optional mounting plate. This plate is offered to ensure a complete seal with the rubber gasket on a pistol with a slim slide like the Hellcat. Waterproofness is rated by Shield to be 20 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Swampfox Sentinel

Swampfox is a scrappy young company that you should take a look at if you aren’t already familiar with its products. The Sentinel is the company’s micro red dot that perfectly complements the Hellcat.

The company uses top materials and construction techniques in the Sentinel. The body is machined 7075-T6 aluminum with a hard coat finish. Swampfox uses an LED emitter with a true glass lens for incredible optic clarity. A multi-coating finish on the glass reduces fogging, repels water and helps to resist scratching — a real advantage for a Springfield Hellcat red dot.

Springfield Hellcat with red dot from Swampfox
The author’s Swampfox Sentinel is shown here mounted on his FDE Hellcat OSP.

Swampfox offers two models of the sight. One is a standard Sentinel with manual controls. I opted for the constant-on model that automatically adjusts the brightness of the 3 MOA aiming dot. A light sensor measures ambient lighting conditions and matches the aiming point for the environment.

Automatic adjustments happened rapidly in my testing. I worked with this optic on my Hellcat in a broad range of lighting conditions, and the sight consistently kept up with changes. The aiming dot was always visible.

Swampfox lists the full retail price as $279-$299 depending on the model you choose. With that, you get a warranty that covers the optic for 50,000 rounds of live fire. This is the optic I’ve selected for my own Hellcat pistol. To me, it offers a great balance of price and performance.

Trijicon RMRcc

For many people, Trijicon is the go-to name in optics. It enjoys a long-standing reputation of making rugged night sights, military rifle optics and other battle-tested products.

The recently introduced RMRcc is Trijicon’s entry into the micro red dot sight market. Built on the success of the extremely popular RMR line of handgun optics, the new RMRcc promises exceptional durability and a lifetime of service.

Trijicon's new red dot fits on the Hellcat with an adaptor mount
The Trijicon RMRcc utilizes a dovetail adapter mount for the Hellcat.

While the footprint of the optic is not compatible with the Hellcat OSP’s slide cut, the company does offer an adapter mount that fits in the rear sight’s dovetail slot. Trijicon offers two versions of this sight. One uses a 3.25 MOA aiming dot while the other has a 6.5 MOA dot. Both variants function identically.

The RMRcc uses a constant-on design with a total of eight brightness settings, two of which are suitable for use with night-vision equipment. According to company testing, a single CR2032 battery should power the sight for more than four years on a medium setting.

Trijicon lists the retail price as $699 for both models. That makes it the most expensive micro red dot sight on this list, but the RMRcc is backed by a lifetime warranty. If you’ve ever wanted an RMR on your Springfield Hellcat, the RMRcc is just the ticket. For more information on this optic, read Trijicon RMRcc review.


So there you have it, an overview of today’s top red dots for the ever-popular Hellcat OSP pistol from Springfield Armory. With this list, you should be able to find an optic that fits your budget and your needs, and one that will take the already impressive performance of your Hellcat to the next level.

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Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

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