Unions, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Join Forces For Conservation


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What happens when trade unions and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) come together for conservation? From past joint operations, it seems what we get is lots of hard work from people who know the meaning of hard work, and lots of science-driven biome best practices from the people who know the meaning of wildlife biology. That partnership is getting more official every day: Today, the USFWS and the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) solidified a partnership that promises to benefit millions of hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts for generations to come. A recently signed agreement builds on past successes between the Service and the USA by creating new volunteer opportunities for skilled union trades workers to engage in infrastructure and access projects on national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries.

The agreement will facilitate volunteer public service opportunities for USA members that will support outdoor recreation, environmental and recreational education and other opportunities on Service-managed lands. It also aligns with the Administration’s commitment to maintain and expand recreational access on America’s public lands.

“We’re thrilled to team with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance in meeting our infrastructure needs,” said U.S. Fish and Service Director Aurelia Skipwith. “The Service depends on volunteers to help meet those needs, and the efforts of trades workers are greatly valued and appreciated.”

With federal investment in infrastructure maintenance at about one-quarter the level seen in the private sector, the Service relies heavily on volunteers to complete projects and execute programs that maximize public access and opportunities.

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