Vinyl Gun Wrap experience/opinions??

My Bushmaster Ar cerakoted in Multicam.


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Cars already have a coat of paint to protect the metal underneath. And car wrap has taken off because it is much cheaper to wrap it then properly repaint it a different color, or with graphics, for more cheaper. Not to mention it is also reversible, but not without risk, wrap over the paint can damage the pain, especially if moisture gets trapped between the wrap and paint. Which sounds like the warning about rust on carbon steel pistols.
I agree with bass bob you will be sorry it’s ok on cars but a weapon in and out of the leather it ain’t going to last you will definitely regret it
My thoughts exactly…

Why camo a carry pistol? Unless you wear a lot of camo, it’ll just make it stick out.
I'd agree a carry pistol should be plain, at the very least the functionality of not drawing attention to it or distracting you with questions from lookey lou's ...

Recreational firearms, or collections, I can see, but along the less is more philosophy, if a pattern is so complex that its better to wrap instead of stencil on with cerakote, you've probably have gone to far already.....

For recreational firearm, Camo is tacti-cool, I've done it and currently doing it (although taking my time on the project) but the majority of my firearm collection is solid colors and appropriate color, black, Parkerizing, Blued or earthen tones, with the exception of one stenciled on Shark's Mouth...