Want to Make a Great Scope Fail? Don’t Do This …

Solid optic mounting info! Pun Intended. I agree. In my opinion. You have to have good scope mounting solutions on any rifle that has an optic on top of it! Very important for precision shootIng just as Grant stated in the video.
I have No experience with Badger mounts either, but I'm going to look into them! I have a Vortex Optic and Vortex Mount on my long range precision platform. No problems yet except for the optics poor eye relief. Other than that I like the scope. No problems at all with any of my hunting rifle mounts and rings also. I use either Leupold, Redfield or Ruger mounts and rings on all my hunting rifles.
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In my honest opinion. I think the most important thing to do. To avoid problems with any set or style of mounts and rings is to slowly torque all the fasteners in a repeating pattern until all proper torque specs are achieved. Just my opinion. Shoot fun, shoot safe and shoot straight!