Was John Moses Browning Overrated?

Excellent overview of two legendary gun designers. If I'm not mistaken, Pederson designed the Remington model 51. A successful semi-auto that was dependable and quite accurate. Too bad Remington couldn't remake one that was as reliable.
We were very lucky to have them both. I saved a man's life who was being beaten to death by 2 thugs, one that wielded a baseball bat. The poor old man had just picked up his grandson at daycare and pulled his car out in front of them. They forced his car to the curb and pulled him out through his open car window when he tried to apologize. Then I drove up. He had a broken collarbone. Thank you Mr. Browning. May God bless you and many other fine designers.
Pedersen might well have been the equal of Browning or very close thereto. Her didn't make it commercially, as obviously Browning did. Also, his Springfield conversion never cut it's teeth in battle. Different story with Browning's machineguns, as well as the commercial success of his designs, which Pedersen never equaled.