What are we reading?


Another thread made me wonder what everyone is reading, if indeed they are readers like myself.

Currently I am re-reading a book by the guy who they hired to train Daniel Day Lewis for the movie Last of the Mohicans, he also had a very long running column in Muzzleloader magazine.

I read a lot of gun, car, and airplane magazines. Currently working on the latest issue of Handloader, which I bought yesterday at Walmart.

Also yesterday I received my pre-ordered copy of The Bullet Farm, the brand-new Stephen Hunter/Earl Swagger novel. Looking forward to getting into it. Hunter always spins a good yarn.
The book I am reading is certainly not for everyone. It's not a novel and has nothing like a plot line. It is more like a lifetime research paper on the Eastern longhunters.

I have always been fascinated by longhunters, Trappers, expeditions to wild places etc. And one of the things I find most fascinating is what they wore, hunted with, ate etc, thier gear.

This book is huge on research using sutler ledgers, receipts, trapping company logs, all sorts of source material which tell you what they actually spent thier money on and used. Say Simon Kenton withdrew 1 pint of rum every day or took wool blankets for leggings each trip or that only one trapper in a dozen actually bought shoes. It shows a insight into how they lived. I find this stuff fascinating.

I loved reading the gear lists and food list and how they lived in thier tents with what gear, and broke things down of Will Stegers Trans Antarctica expedition in the 80s maybe,
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I went through my bookshelves recently and I found 25 books that I have not read yet. That's my current reading list.


This is what I'm currently reading. It was copyrighted in 1951 and they interviewed people who actually knew Houdini as source material. It's a kid's book but in 1951 kids were expected to be better educated and better readers and they are now.

So, this book has a story. When I was a kid in the sixth grade I did volunteer work sorting books for a Big Brothers, Big Sisters used book sale. I found a copy of this book that was falling apart that was on its way to the trash and I rescued it.

That Monday I was sitting in social studies class. I finished all my class work and I didn't have any homework to do at the moment so I pulled out my old copy of Houdini and started to read it.

My social studies teacher did not say a word. He got up from his desk walked over to where I was sitting yanked the book out of my hand and threw it in the trash and then went and sat back down. If that guy went into teaching because he wanted to make an impact on young minds he succeeded, just probably not in the way that he thought he would.

I don't ever want to be such a prick that that is all people remember about me 45 years later.

Anyway I looked all over the world except on eBay because it wasn't a thing yet for another copy of this book and never found one. Until about 5 years ago I walked into an ARC Thrift Store and found this pristine copy sitting on the shelf for a dollar.
I’m reading the latest Reacher novel - Plan B.
As am I. I have 4 more Child/Reacher books (after No Plan B)to finish before completing the entire Jack Reacher series to date. Plan B was leant to me and I want to knock it out and return it in reasonable time.

Interestingly, I read only while on the porcelain throne. Only place I get peace and quiet to do so. 5-10 pages at a time.
IMO this is one of TCs best books.


Currently reading:

1) Sabres over Mig Alley: The F-86 Sabre andd the Battle for Air Superiority in Korea,
2) Tomcats & Eagles: The development of the F-14 and F-15 in the Cold War,
3) The Men who flew the Vought F4U Corsair, and
4) Charles XII: Warrior King (King of Sweden 1697-1718)