What are we reading?

Also yesterday I received my pre-ordered copy of The Bullet Farm, the brand-new Stephen Hunter/Earl Swagger novel. Looking forward to getting into it. Hunter always spins a good yarn.
Finished it about a week ago. Frankly, not his very best work. Indulgent "sniper porn," and not as much Earl Swagger as you'd hope for. Not sorry I read it, but I won't be reading it 3 or 4 more times as I have several of his other books. Ah shucks oh well.
Great book so far:

Sometimes revisiting a favorite book can be just as enjoyable as the first time. The thrill of the chopper stories and the adventures within its pages must be quite captivating.
Speaking of reading choices, if you ever decide to explore something new, I recently came across a list of Colleen Hoover books in order. She's known for her engaging storytelling and emotional depth, making her novels a great choice for those looking to dive into contemporary fiction.
It's always interesting to hear what others are reading, as it can lead to discovering hidden literary gems.


Just sayin'
I finished Cormac McCarthy's Border Triogy last week. Now I'm reading "The Lives of Robert Ryan" for something a little different. Always one of my favorite actors.