What do you Pocket Carry?


Master Class
I,PC my G-42 380, S&W M&P BG 380

I carried this Glock 26 in my pocket (Wrangler Cargo Pants) at work for a few years


I was working alone, at night and I was wearing dark clothing and my stylish yellow safety vest over it.

I'd never get away with it if I was someplace where I had to actually deal with people
The pocket carry is the last consideration for my P365, also depends on where I’m at or going.
I reside in the urban jungle.
Stickups are an close confrontation, ”empty-your-pockets” situation, and there have be scenarios where robbers done the searching especially when you can’t produce money, phone, valuables or car keys fast enough to please their needs.

The only time I think of pocket carry is in a sturdy coat, maybe a snub for that - to fire thru the pocket. Snagging, fumbling also comes to mind w/pocket carry, if afforded some time to assess and depending on the situation, I don’t feel pocket carry would ever meet my needs. Temporary, maybe but not on an every day routine.
Ability to grip and draw a micro EDC efficiently from my pocket has to come with plenty of practice.