What do you Pocket Carry?

Bodyguard 380 in a DeSantis Pocket Shot. Hellcat and Shield 9 1.0 in DeSantis Super Fly depending on that day's mode of dress. Even with the velcro flap for the Super Fly, some of my casual or dress pants don't permit it but my normal relaxed fit jeans with 8.5" pockets or my around the house jogging pants or basketball type shorts do. The velcro attached flap hides the Hellcat or Shield's footprint perfectly. If they print at all, it looks like a cell phone. When it's just not workable, I have IWB and OWB that are. The Pocket Shot works for the Bodyguard in all modes of dress for me. I also have a few Sticky models and a Clinger as well for the Hellcat and Shield although I prefer the Super Fly for these pistols. I attended a training class a few years back for pocket carry and regularly practice this discipline.
LCP MAX .380. This replaced my Colt Mustang Pocketlite because I like the higher magazine capacity of the MAX.

S&W 638 bodyguard(J-frame) in a pocket holster, but sometimes I appendix carry the 638, freeing up the pocket, but in the same vicinity as pocket carry, making drawing easier.

I usually only pocket carry around the small down where I live(South Texas). If I'm out of town then 638 becomes a back up to a bigger handgun.

I always carry a knife. A knife is my first choice in close range situations when I think a weapon is needed. I have over 36 years of Escrima/Arnis(FMA - Filipino Martial Arts) training. I teach close quarter weapon retention and knife techniques to select students.

I will sometimes pocket carry a J-frame with snake shot for rattlesnakes or other poisonous aggressive snakes that I sometimes encounter in walks out in the country.

I used to pocket a SW AirLite .38 snub. After Summer of Love 2020 I moved over to 2 Hellcats. One could be in a vest pocket and one in a belly band. Or in winter in the jacket pocket and band. Gave up on snubs other than backup in the car or for a dozen revolvers I keep as insurance against a dem ban on semi auto.
FrankenSig P365. I added an optic ready Armory Craft slide with built in comp and pinky extensions to the 12 rd mags (XL grip). The comp really makes a difference and the weight and added length really settle the gun down. It shoots like a full size gun, but will fit in my pocket with the Romeo Zero Elite. I use an Alabama Holsters Pocket Holster.
So on March 1st, I decided I would carry revolvers only for both EDC and pocket carry...a friend had an incident recently which really made me be honest with myself...anyway, I carry a Ruger SP101 now as my EDC but didn't have a revolver for pocket carry/backup so I ordered a S&W 642 airweight...it came in this morning so I went and picked it up and went straight to the range...Gotta say so far I am very happy with it...after a couple of cylinders to get acquainted with it, this is my next 15 shots from 20 feet...its a keeper for sure...

Kahr CM9 in a pocket holster. Pocket carry is probably the best possible carry for bad areas…you can walk around with a full grip on the weapon and no knows a thing. Quick draw and holster stays in the pocket. Also…not sure about the jeans comment, but pocket carry of a pistol that size oils very easy in jeans, unless you wear skinny jeans. Normal cut, no problem.