What if Water Is Gone?

Good article Mike, where I live at in Ohio, we have fracking going on all over my county, and people are always worried about the ground water, now, there is a new injection pump well waiting to get approved and in another part on my county there going to build a cracker plant and storage facility next to the Ohio river. Well timed story for me here, thanks Mike.
A good article. I'm on top of a mountain, on a well. It's a 900-ft well (I know this, because I had to replace the 2hp pump a couple years ago). If I pop the cap and look in the pipe, there's liquid water 10' below ground level. The guy who built the house, overdid EVERYthing - and I love it.

If things ever get sketchy about power (need electric to drive that pump), I can easily add cisterns to my downspouts. Between the house and garage I probably have 4000-5000sf of roof area to pull from...
I am surrounded by water sources here in southeast Texas. Neches River, Village Creek, Boggy Creek, and countless ponds. Not to mention 60 inches of rainfall per year on average. I'm not worried about the lack of water. I can't dig a fence post hole without hitting water around here.
Great article Mike, we as a society definitely take how water is supplied to us for granted. I remember camping as a young man before campgrounds supplied water to individual sites and having to carry water in 5 gallon jugs.
Now I camp in a travel trailer and the limited supply of fresh water still applies to how big the tank is in your camper if you’re not at a place that supplies it.
(Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink) not something a lot of people think about.
Thanks for the link to the article, Mike. I live in a small city which draws our water from an acquifer about a thousand feet (plus or minus) below grade. We have plenty of water, but it sometimes bothers me a little to see folks using "city water" (as we used to call it) to keep bermuda grass lush and green during the summer. This seems to me a waste to pump water from a thousand feet down, treat it to kill any bacteria, then use it not to feed livestock but to water grass "just for looks" (not to offend anyone here who may do that). If not watered, the grass will go dormant, but turn back green when it rains.

I am old, and have personally used a hand pitcher pump to draw our water. I appreciate just turning the faucet to fill a glass!
I recall as a kid having relatives that had running water, ie., run out the back door with a bucket, use the hand pump to fill the bucket from the well, then run back in the house with the filled bucket. Years later they got all modernized, and the piping was rerouted into the house, with the hand pump being mounted on the corner of the kitchen counter.

Learned water conservation (and appreciation of water) after numerous shipboard tours, compliments of the U.S. Navy. Being on water hours for a few days sux.