What would you like to see Springfield armory make next?

Absolutely 100% a 9mm pcc. Folding stock....hard case. Call it the angel and make a .45 acp brother and call it the demon...call me I’ll help you spec it out...or even better ask this forum we will help you with the specs. Just ask us we won’t steer you wrong...
Pick up where Sig (MRX), & Ritter & Stark left off. A modular M/LR rifle that has the following options: 6.5, 308, 300WM, 338, 375, 416, 50.

And a mag fed semi auto 22 that runs long and shorts. With an ambi forward charging handle, like the HS Produkt VHS.
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Great forum question!

This one is a serious long shot, but I would love to see SA put all their innovative genius toward a shotgun. I'd like to see Benelli have an "Oh, crap!" moment over a Springfield-Armory shotgun the same way Sig's been having over the Hellcat. An auto with an extended tactical mag tube, and able to handle ammo interchangeably, from 2-3/4 up to 3-1/2 magnums, without having to make any manual adjustments. Just load whatever you want, in any order, and it's showtime! I'm not very enthusiastic about AR-type shotguns with a magazine underneath, so nix that. Fast cycle rate, super-reliable and accurate... you know, typical Springfield stuff. Yeah, I know, too much to hope for. **sigh** Okay, maybe just a nice little lever gun in, oh I don't know, 45-70 perhaps? A lever action Springfield Armory rifle. Wouldn't that be a cool addition to your collection?