What would you recommend to a non-gun person for concealed carry?

I left this on the S&W forum last night concerning the 380 EZ. Thought you’d find it interesting.

I have ragged on this pistol for quite some time. I know of 6, 3 were mine that would not run reliably. Bought one in 2019, 2020 and 2021. I just bought another earlier this week and picked it up today. I believe it was a great idea, just executed poorly.

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I’ll first caveat this with, I have no factory ammo on hand to test this gun. What I used was ammo from the last reloading run I did a couple months ago, still sitting in the bin on the press. All I recall is that the bullets are Armscor. That said, this isn’t a review per say.

I pulled it out of the box and ran a basic function test on it. I didn’t bother cleaning or oiling it. At this point, I felt this gun had better impress me.

Long story short, it impressed me. I loaded both mags in a dry gun (not completely dry but not real wet either). First thing I noticed was the helper on the mag was stiff as hell. That is very different from the previous mags. All 7 of the previous mags I had were pretty easy to load with the helper. I had to readjust my thumb a couple times because the helper was digging into my thumb.

Shooting… I pulled no babying crap. I unloaded those two mags as fast as I could pull the trigger. When the first one locked back, I expected to see a jammed round partially chambered. What Isaw was a clean lock back on an empty mag. Not gonna lie, that made me smile a little…

I loaded up the second one and dumped it just like the first. When the slide locked back, I again expected a last round jam. Nope, another clean lock back on and empty mag.

Well, crap, now I get to eat some crow… Kudos to whoever fixed the magazine issue. I noticed it on first load. I’ve only run two mags because, well, it’s 2am. I am pleasantly surprised it ran straight out of the box, uncleaned, unoiled and under rapid fire like it did.

I think it’s time to order a couple mags and see how they work in the one in the vault.
Maybe that I got lucky with the OEM mags on our very early model.

Coincidental timing on this post as I just had that gun out yesterday. I only ran 200 through it because I was really doing shotgun stuff, but the EZ didn't fail as usual.

The ongoing saga of these guns is enough though that I talked my old man out of buying the EZ9.