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Depends on the weather what I carry. Summertime it will be either a S&W 49 .38 Spl in a Desantis Soft Tuck or a Skky 9 MM in a Desantis Cozy Partner. Fall and winter either a Glock 30 45 ACP or S&W Shield 45 ACP both in a Desantis Cozy Partner. Once in a blue moon I will carry an AMT .380 ACP Back-Up. All my EDCs are carried in IWB holsters.
So, late to the discussion, but…

In my experience, becoming a “good” (if I do say so myself) DAO revolver shooter massively improved my accuracy with SA autos.

Now, I can confidently make a stationary head shot at 25 yards in, both platforms.

In short, cross training can bring improvements in other platforms…
Chris Baker (Lucky Gunner) would agree with you:
I'm late to the party (just joined the forum) but my EDC is a Hellcat tucked nicely in a Vedder. I may opt for something slightly larger now that the cold Maine winter is coming and I'll have 32 layers of clothing to cover it up.
Welcome straydoglogic!
Glad you joined! Have fun and learn a lot. Lot of good folks here too.
Hellcat's a very nice HG. "I'll have 32 layers of clothing to cover it up." Ouch! :)
Since Christmas of 2020, my EDC has been the Glock 48 MOS. I have not added a red dot, but am researching them. A couple of months ago I upgraded it to the Shield 15 round magazines and the steel mag catch. I just added a Streamlight TLR-7. Once I decide on the red dot and add it, I will have the perfect EDC for me.

The three in my rotation depending on level of concealment Glock 19 in Tulster inside the pants holster with a over shirt,
Smith Shield 45 inside the pants tulster holster lighter over shirt or loose fitting T Shirt. Glock 43 inside the pants tulster holster under T shirt. in pocket carry Sig 238 vedder kydex pocket holster
EDC 1 is a Sig 365. EDC 2 is a S&W Titanium .38 hammerless. Then I have a LEO gun lock in my truck with a SIG Rattler and eight 30 round mags. Safe under the rear seat with full battle belt (Glock 35 Robar Navy Seal Special), ammo, armor, and Trauma kit. Why? Because I can.
My EDC is a 9mm Sig P320 X-Compact--not my first choice for EDC, but it's reliable and fits my hand well (at least with a third-party pinky extension on the magazine.) I would've chosen a more expensive "better" pistol, but I read an interesting piece of advice about EDC pistols--buy one that you won't cry over losing because if for whatever reason the police take it away, you're not going to get it back in the same condition it was in before it was confiscated...if you get it back at all. (...and for perfectionists like myself, additional scratches, dents, and other damage can quickly turn a treasured item into an unwanted one.)
XDS in 45 ACP. Stealth Gear holster and spare mag carrier.

Grew up with the 45 and it it is hard to change.

However I would sure like to give the Hellcat RDP a test run.