Where Should I Mount a Light or Laser on My AR?

The second and last pic shows the 3 o'clock position in relation to the BUIS not the 6.
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Mounting either optic-type too close to a muzzle device (especially a muzzle brake) will result in an additional cleaning chore.
Lasers go under. Yes there's a reason for that. Lights go at 3 or 6. I have mine at 6 and the pressure switch at 12 behind the Ultradyne C2 front sight post. When I have my off hand on my handstop my thumb rests right behind the switch.

Holosun IR laser at 9
Old school IR Surefire light at 3
Vertical foregrip at 6
Set up for NVG’s and I found this set up works best for my night time needs