Why I Chose the 1911 TRP Operator


Your review had two different pistols pictured. And the link to the TRP Operator shows a model that clearly isn't what your talking about. Did S.A. release an updated model that isn't on the website yet?
Any 1911 model or make will do me fine. It was the first handgun I received training with. With a .45 piece (1911 of course) drawn from the armory in AIT ( that sucker was so worn and loose it rattled like a cold Diesel engine ) yet qualified expert with it. I have since shot competitively with Glocks and H&K and done well but the ergonomics of the Glock was horrible for me (short thick stubby fingers) and the last use of one left a blister on the inside of my trigger finger after only 50 rounds.
Never really liked the "split triggers" and long pull. Disposed of all of those and now only own/use 1911 style, the Kimber micro nine (a carbon copy of the 1911 except it has no grip safety) always with me, a full size 70's Springfield 1911 tricked out Wells Custom for the farm. Grips now: not pretty but my choice is coarse step/grip adhesive wrapped around the thin wooden grips. Grew fond of these during competition; no slippage and would have to be out cold to lose a grip!


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Well the TRP Operator is a great 1911, I had one years ago, my current Springfield 1911, RO Operator is just as good if you ask me, shoots great, even though it’s a 9mm, I’m very satisfied with it, looking for a Ronin right now in 10mm, but impossible, but will keep looking....😬


I chose my TRP Operator because of several reasons. First, it fit my hands like a glove. Secondly, my Marine buddy said this was as close as a civilian can get to the service side arm he had while in for eight years. Some of the stories he has told me convinced me that this was the piece for me. I ADORE my weapon and I'll have it the rest of my life.
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I took the Springfield Armory 1911 Armorer's Course in 2019, and this is the pistol they gave me to work with. I have also been to Sig and Glock armorer courses, and this pistol is of superb quality, worth every penny in my opinion. I have lusted after one ever since but have been holding out for the Professional version.