Why This Forum?

I had the nice opportunity to have met Mike H. a few years ago at a small family cookout. We spent most of the cookout talking all sorts of gun stuff. He turned me onto SA, the forum and I haven't looked back. I have learned so much and now own a Hellcat Pro w/ threaded barrel, a Hellion and my first SA gun, my AR-10 Saint Victor. All great shooter's!

The downside of visiting this forum is learning my fun budget is far less than I would like it to be now and way way far less than many of you fun crazy members. Still looking to expand my SA collection though ... one day.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

P.S. if you ever get the opportunity to meet Mike H. you will pleasantly surprised. To have spent so many years in the business and to still be so energetic and full of excitement when discussing anything guns. Almost like a kid on Christmas morning! 🤣
I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta gum... Roddy-Piper in THEY LIVE. No just kidding. Only forum I belong too and YES I have an addiction to firearms and training and the people on here are great...
Heard a similar phrase a wee bit different though. Guy asks another guy to give him a break. Guy says I'm not giving anything out but popcorn and di** and I'm fresh out of popcorn.
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