XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact: The “Do Everything” 9mm?

Can't believe it! I love my XD-M Elite Precision and was looking for a more concealable version of it. I just decided to buy the Hellcat (haven't even fired it yet) because the other Elites were too big, but I probably would've held off if I knew this was coming down the pike. I'm a big fan of the META trigger over the one on the Hellcat and I miss the ambi controls.


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SA needs to make this in a 10mm version, but it would likely need a slightly larger frame length for the 10mm cartridge length.

I'm guessing it would be a standard 12+1 capacity in 10mm. A bit more with an extension to equal 14+1.

It would be a G29 killer.
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I am so happy to see that Springfield has come back out with the XD-M Compact, in the Elite series, 2 years after killing it. My XD-M Compact in 9mm is a great all around pistol. I use it as a EDC with both IWB and OWB holsters with the 13 round flush mag, and use it with the extended mag as my bedside firearm.

I don't think I would want the flared mag well installed for EDC use.


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I am SO SO SO SO SO happy. I had a suspicion this was was going to happen and now that it has I am just dancing-happy. I truly believe in the headline “The Do-Everything 9mm”. After 4 different tries I landed on the XDM Compact as my EDC, with the Hellcat for those situations where I need deep concealment. The Compact is the perfect blend between barrel length, grip size, and shoot ability. Yes, the Hellcat feels like a feather on my hip compared to the Compact but the Compact compensates for my rank average distance marksmanship with aplomb. Happy Birthday XDM Elite Compact 3.8.
BTW-for those of you still reading this gush-fest...the 3.8 fits neatly in the CAA MCK. Just saying..extended mags.



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I’m gonna be that guy, y’all. I think the better comparison would have been the compact’s big Sistah - 3.8 19+1 - instead of his big Brothah. That being said, this is one compact I will investigate more. Love me some XDM’s.