you ever get, cuts, scrapes you didn't know about..??

In my career, it's sheet metal edges, and poorly cut nylon ties. Fun fact, in the winter, an angle cut zip tie cuts like a razor. Another fun one is, again, in winter, you don't need to do anything. Just be cold and make a fist. Your skin will split on its own. Speaking of slivers, how come a sliver of ⅛" -⅜" feels like you were impaled. Then you can cut all the flesh around it to remove it, but none of that will hurt as bad as that hair of a sliver?
Brake cleaner is the fastest path to finding cuts and slivers that I know of.
and then, later that day, or maybe the next, you feel that God awful stinging pain???

why is that..??

why the day after, delayed reactions..??

then those dang annoying pains, stay with you for like a week..??

like WTF...??

"be done with your annoying painful self, and lemme alone you pariah"....!!!!!

same thing with aches and pains, we do something one day, we are fine, but God help us the next day, and there after for that week.....

why does aging have to hurt so much...???

dang kids, what till you get up to 25 years of age, you'll see what i mean...!!!!!!!!!

cuz life certainly DOES go downhill after 25......!!!!!!

youngin's, stock up NOW on Ibuprophen, Tylenol 3, Excedrin Extra, Morphine, and buy stock in pharmaceuticals, you'll not only be in pain, but you'll be rich too.....
Because you're old like me
I get bumps and bruises periodically and blame my trophy wife for beating me in my sleep. The worse I ever found was after a week long deer hunting trip in the Adirondack Mtns I decided to take a bath and soak the week in the woods grime off. I got in the tub and saw what look like a mole on my knee that was never there before, except when I touched it it hurt like the blazes. Hmmmmm, pushed and prodded it and found it was something in my knee. I got a pair of tweezer and pulled a 2" long thorn out that was straight in. It didn't bleed or anything and it had been there long enough to no longer be stiff, it was like rubber. Have no idea how it got there through my clothes and also without me feeling it. Did walk through some thickets when deer hunting and can only guess that's where I got it.
As we age, our skin loses elasticity, more so if you're taking various meds. I tried many moisturizing lotions but the best tip I got from my doctor was to apply a light coat of suntan lotion immediately after showering, when your pores are still open, with a little heavier coat on exposed areas if you'll be outdoors for longer lengths of time. I was told that the suntan lotion contains more moisturizers than the other lotions. Give it a try. It works for me.
Do you mean like when you have a few too many, think your superman and then insult the girl of the biggest dude in the place? Asking for a friend...
That was a post by Recusant that I quoted and posted a :ROFLMAO: for (see #25 above). I don't drink to that point and don't insult people, regardless of the size of their boyfriend, even though I'm 6'3", 250 pounds, with many years of martial arts training. And no, I'm not Superman, and I walk away from situations like that unless attacked. But, if your friend tries it, let us know how he makes out.
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