Your Best Home Defense Gun?

IMHO the best home defense gun is the one you're most proficient with, regardless of caliber. But if you can rock a rifle caliber pistol in 300BO, 5.56 or 7.62x51, that's awesome. Even the CMMG Banshee 10MM.
Seems I was just referencing this fact in a " Disagreement" here last night.

"Recently the FBI completed extensive testing on various handgun calibers. “Most of what is ‘common knowledge’ with ammunition and its effects on the human target are rooted in myth and folklore…Handgun stopping power is simply a myth,” the FBI said in its report. “There is little to no noticeable difference in the wound tracks between premium line law enforcement projectiles from 9mm Luger and .45 Auto.”
After 4 decades working EMS, I found the size of the hole definitely makes a difference. The 45 being bigger if course, and bleeding more difficult to control. I think the real answer is what weapon are you most proficient with and ammo cost. 9mm definitely cheaper than 45! Now, if I am protecting myself/family/home, either will do the job well. I just prefer 9mm.
Hi folks! I just read this article and I find that like most other articles of this ilk, it lacks the single most important as well as obvious idea. The best home defense gun, or for that matter, weapon, is that which is IN YOUR HAND at that time when needed! Unless the home invader has entered the home with the premeditated intent of committing murder or rape, provoked or not, 90% of them are "scared off" when presented in one fashion or another by the "home owner's" presence at the scene. (Confrontation is most often not a necessary factor.) And I'd have to say, yup ---- a sword would do also!
I have been seeing as well as reading articles that actually attempt to put you in a "defcon red" stage for everything. This state ranges from hand guns to rifles to shot guns, with or without all kinds of "mods" and ammo, etc. Look, the bottom line is this, --- unless you subject yourself to these situations, --- where you live, and how you live, (meaning how you present your home, as in "ripe for the taking"), the chances of a home invasion are rather nill. Yes there is always the possibility that this can happen, but we, under normal circumstances do not live in a war zone. I realize there will be those who strongly disagree with me on this, and I will concur, there are instances and situations where the individual may be in a "war zone" situation, several places do come to mind.
However, for the majority of us that isn't the case. I am absolutely not saying "forgetaboutit!", I certainly do believe in preparedness in all ways. However one should consider the possible ramifications of shooting your gun's projectile through the wall(s) of your home into your kid's room(s) or through the apartment's walls into your neighbor's place. Consider that when choosing a weapon and calibre for home defense.
Well, I've managed to ramble on for long enough, and I do want to thank all that took the time to read this lengthy diatribe. Just try to remember if you will, "IT'S JUST MY OPINION".
I totally agree with you. I think the biggest fears now are when we are mobile. Too many things going on in world not to have protection.