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    Buying Milsurp: Removing Cosmoline from the SKS

    I know. I work with it every off. As long as the precautions are followed it's not an issue. I've used it to degrease AR parts for Ceracoating, and it does work very well for that. I've not owned an SKS for a long time 30+ years ago. I do remember how much of a pain in the butt it was...
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    Buying Milsurp: Removing Cosmoline from the SKS

    I wonder if Naphthazoline would work better on metal parts vs mineral spirits?
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    Are Single-Stack Pistols Extinct?

    Sonic, I've the same big hand issue. I added a Hogue slip on on my P365. It helped a little.
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    Are Single-Stack Pistols Extinct?

    I've found it more difficult to load as I've aged. Wasn't as much of an issue back in the day, but now I struggle and Thank the Powers that be, for Mag Loader tools. I haven't tried Uplula loader yet. I've been using Makershot's for my guns that didn't come with a loader. I'll have to pick one...
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    Review: Springfield Armory Stainless 1911 Mil-Spec .45

    I've not been a 1911 fan. I briefly owned a clone in the early 80's that was a complete lemon. Couldn't get through one mag without at least two stoppages, and accuracy was abysmal. It also didn't make a whole lot of sense watching others plop down $600 to $700 for a US made 1911, and then...
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    Taking the Pig for a Walk: History of the M60

    Enjoyed the article and everyone's comments. I came of age shortly after 'Nam ended (in 77'). At that time, when I tried to enlist, the recruiter told me to finish college first. I ended up working Federal Civil Service for 3 years before trying college again. So to my eternal shame, I didn't...
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    Pistol Shooting Drills for Combat Marksmanship

    Thanks TSIWRX. Main limitations at our range are only be able to draw from the 3:00 belt position, movement, and staying in the lane. Movement laterally is a no, movement back and forth towards or away from the target is only about 4 feet. Big thing is, we're all recorded 24/7. So even going in...
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    Pistol Shooting Drills for Combat Marksmanship

    Thanks Killer Ford. Appreciate your adaptations and I will certainly try those. Indoor range rules and drills do create conflicting practice.
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    What Is the Best AR Caliber for Hunting?

    Age and infirmity put an end to my hunting. I do use 5.56 for pest removal and recently built a .300 AAC. It wouldn't have a problem if I decided to take a Mule raiding the garden. While I still have "Olde Bessy"(in .300 Win Mag), a 1967 H&R Sako to reach out and touch someone. I do find it...
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    Pistol Shooting Drills for Combat Marksmanship

    Good article, and I appreciate having the drills all in one article for future reference. Unfortunately, at our local indoor range, most are a No No with the the range rules, but hey, adapt and improvise.
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    At Close Range: The M1911 Pistol in the Korean War

    Has the Military ever studied Dry vs Wet Lubricants in Extremes? If memory serves, the Lubricant issue during the Korean War winters, was across the board with the US Weapon's systems, not just the 1911. Interesting history. Thank you
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    An M1A. 5 Days. 15K Rounds.

    Very impressive. I've been shooting for 50 years, and I don't think I'm at 15,000 rounds across all the calibers I've shot. I've never wanted an M1A, but now I'm thinking about it. Darn you LOL.
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    When the SKS Faced the M14

    Excellent Article. Oh for the days when a surplus ComBloc SKS sold for $75 (extra Cosmoline was free). Wish I'd been smart enough in the 80's to buy as many as I could, as prices now are well over $300. My biggest and only real complaint with the SKS was the short length of pull. At 6' 4", my...
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    Hillsdale College & the Second Amendment

    It's too bad that there isn't more colleges like Hillsdale. Our country would be better off if there were more. The overwhelming number of our institutes of higher education are cesspools of Liberal Bull Schiff.
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    The Most Rare Airborne 1911 of All Time?

    Thank you for a very interesting article. Yes it does raise many questions which will probably never be known. Having an amateur historian interest in small arms development from 1850 to 1920, the Great War, and subsequent arms development for early aircraft fits in that category. All of the...