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    Running & Gunning with Old Eighteen Defense

    Now that would be a fun event to do, now to loose 30 lbs to be able to do it without having a massive coronary.
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    Hunting is never going to be the same

    He is an avid anti hunter and anti gun, I get into arguements with him all the time. He feels that it is absolutely a barbaric useless skill to have, what with modern technology and our supply chain of food that is available to us. Although, i will say he has softened in his advancing years (hes...
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    I need a Hellcat

    The RDP is a great choice, Although i question the need for the comp. I think that the 9mm cartridge doesn't generate enough gas to really benefit the having of a comp.
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    I need a Hellcat

    I found that the best compliment to the Sig P365 is the hellcat, same overall size, 1 round in capacity difference. The max-9 i find to be heavier, bulkier and not the same sexy lines as the 2 aforementioned pistols. But that's just me...
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    Review: Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec .45

    My first "Automatic" that i ever bought was my Springfield Mil-spec M1911 all the way back in '94, I still have it to this day. All though the only things left that is still original to the gun when i bought it is the Slide and Frame, after 10,000+ rounds through it, she still looks good...
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    Greetings from a Democrat!

    Vertical foregrips are legal on Rifles, but if put on AR pistols with braces, they must be angled fore grips. If not then it makes it an SBR, which needs a tax stamp. At least thats what the idiots at the ATF have stated even though it dosen't change the overall functionality of the firearm...
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    This is a great all around cartridge, If I could own only 1 handgun, i would have a .357 Magnum 4in revolver. Its just the most versatile handgun for variety of loads and performance. I currently have 1 (I had 6) revolver in .357 mag, A Ruger SP-101 2.5in bbl. This a great solid revolver.
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    Your Summer Carry…do you .380?

    I don't own a .380 ACP pistol yet, I like the cartridge, but just haven't gotten around to getting one. I typically carry either a SAI Mil-spec 1911A1 or My Sig P320/P226. But if i need to go small, i carry my Hellcat or Walther PP .32ACP. I typically open carry all day long, since my job...
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    Hunting is never going to be the same

    I can understand the loss of a loved one, but i also don't have the memories. I am a self taught hunter. My father although he is still around, Is an anti-hunter, anti-gunner. So i never got to experience the life that everyone here is posting, But i have done it for my son. We go hunting...