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    Is Ammo Really More Expensive?

    Hope you are right...tired of paying $20.00+ for box of fifty.
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    Gun Storage

    Thanks...going over to Braintree this afternoon.
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    Gun Storage

    Thanks...I'll go by my local Tractor supply and see what they have. I'm OK with spending $250--350 for a good unit .
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    Gun Storage

    Any suggestions/dealers where I can find a storage unit that would hold my four pistols. Don't have any long guns, so I don't need a large stand-up style safe. Looking for something I can put in and attach to floor in a closet hopefully....thanks
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    First Day With Range Officer

    Agree totally..have had my RO for 18 months and love shooting it regularly without any issues.
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    Dan Wesson

    What are the general thoughts on quality of Dan Wesson 9mm products ?
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    Man, I found the ammo

    No 9mm around here (MA) less than $30 - $32/50 rounds
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    Black Friday acquisitions

    I,m more than a little disgusted with online "stores" selling 9mm ammunition for $.90 - $1.00/round...whose kidding who ...this is price gouging pure and simple. And I thought I was being taken advantage of a couple of weeks ago when a LGS was charging $35.00/50 rounds...maybe I wasn't and...
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    Military,Where Did You Take Your Boot Camp/Basic Training Veterans?

    Fort Sam Houston, SAn Antonio, TX Jan. 1970
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    Fiber OPtic

    Front only at this time
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    Fiber OPtic

    Looking to change out the stock sight on my SA 1911 RO Target with a fiber optic sight...recommendations ?
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    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    Local gun shop in Weymouth not only had no 9mm , but also no 22LR yesterday...it's getting worse, not better.
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    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    Went to Kittery Trading Post today in ME and the ammo shelves were mostly bare for all calibers...and this is a store that traditionally has tons of ammo for sale ...and yet os Saturday was in a small gun shop in Springfield, MA and they had lots of 9mm ,CCI and Federal ,with no limit on how...
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    Atlanta Arms

    Don't think I'll be buying it again.
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    Atlanta Arms

    All it states on the box is ATLANTA Arms Select