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    Hellcat Holster

    Are there any decent IWB holsters for small of back carry? Asking for a friend who isn't so tech-savvy. Any help is appreciated.
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    Forged in Fire

    It's interesting to see the stress they put these weapons under. I like seeing who makes it vs the chump that doesn't.
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    My deer tenderloin

    That looks darn good.
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    Fake Facebook Springfield Account.

    It's on Facebook.
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    Fake Facebook Springfield Account.

    Anyone else see or get messages?? Apparently, they are spam accounts taking people's info. They sent me a request. Report them!
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    It's a classic!

    It's a classic!
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    Ronin Pistol 70-Yard Headshot

    This is a great video/article. Thanks for sharing.
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    Why? Everyone I know hates the XD line because of it.
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    What Color Front Sight is Best

    Green for sure.
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    Norma MHP: What’s a Monolithic Hollow Point?

    I have not tried this out but maybe I should.
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    First Army Unit Gets New Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

    Awesome article. Thanks for sharing.
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    Lockdown Food Choice!

    I love a good breakfast pizza. 😬
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    Bing Covid-19 Map

    Map here if anyone was interested. It live updates. https://www.bing.com/covid
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    Camping items you can’t forget

    A good pair of boots, a raincoat, food and water.
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    Gun Buyback

    Interesting read. I know I won't be turning anything I have in ever. https://www.nhregister.com/metro/article/Hamden-brings-in-149-guns-sword-hundreds-of-15085588.php#photo-19091291