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    New member intro

    If you were looking for fellow gun nuts, you found them. Be careful what you wish for. Why not start out by picking a fight over Glocks? It's a favorite pastime. Welcome from Washington.
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    Finally got my CCL.

    My advice is don't pinch your pennies. If a good holster is a bit more expensive than something else which might do, go ahead and buy it anyway. You will never miss the money, but you will be filled with joy whenever you use that beautiful gear. Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather for...
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    Apparently, the distance was about 40 yards. That's something.
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    Another Good Guy with a gun.

    To all who say, "Violence is not the answer," I refer them to this story. When did the violence from this miscreant stop? When he encountered another man who wielded enough violence to stop him. That was the answer. In a proper world, all violent criminal behavior would elicit the same response.
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    Hellcat Pro Leather Holster

    Mitch Rosen 5JR Express is $95. You may have to call to get it for your gun, but they claim to take orders for most guns currently in use. You will love it. I guarantee.
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    Happy July 4th

    Happy Independence Day everyone! On this day I like to read the famous speech made by Patrick Henry which ends with the immortal words, "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" I have tried to attach a copy of it. I hope you can read it...
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    Supreme Court sides with NY gun owners.

    Well, it took only 111 years for the Supreme Court to get around to this. That's how long this law has been in place. I suppose we can expect it to get to the rest of the 2nd Amendment infringements with the same alacrity? Regardless, I nominate Justice Thomas for 2nd Amendment sainthood...
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    NY Body Armor Nonsense

    Defenselessness is the only strategy they will allow. They can't imagine anything but criminal motives for owning either guns or body armor. Decent folk don't give any thought to criminal violence and all that, don't you know.
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    to me, a turncoat

    Spineless Republicans (or anyone) who "can't see why" anyone needs more than 10 rounds don't understand the real issue. It's not the number 10 which violates the right. It is the assertion by the legislature to limit ammo capacity of firearms to whatever number they see fit that infringes upon...
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    Maybe there is hope yet

    Yes, the little points of light are out there. Keep looking for them. Thanks.
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    Duncanville TX Fieldhouse Incident

    I really don't understand the disconnect people have to demand that we "protect our babies" by prohibiting the presence of anyone who can actually protect them from a lawless rampage. The only defense they will accept is being defenseless. How could any human brain reach that conclusion?
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    How Do You Carry Back Up Ammo?

    Since you asked...
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    An Armed School Employee Helped Stop a School Shooting Yesterday. Media Remains Silent

    No story at Fox, Breitbart or Daily Wire. But Breitbart had this: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/06/14/da-legally-armed-citizen-opened-fire-walmart-parking-lot-gunman/ Add these to the Charleston, WV incident, and it's no wonder the dems are telling everyone that good guys with...
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    Dem to propose 1000% fed tax on AR's

    They always have this idea on the table whenever they think the political climate is right. Back in the Clinton era they were going for everything in the book, including a 1000% tax on ammunition. What they got for their trouble was the Republican Revolution.
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    Some People Just Don’t Get It!!!

    If ever there were a time to make use of a "red flag" law, that would be it.