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    Show off your 1911

    Curious as to what ammo you carry in your 45 in the field.
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    Newly surfaced IRS training video

    Definitely under no circumstances would I want to have any of those people behind me with a loaded gun.
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    Off to Chicago.

    NO was merely trying to point out if they had not been out at that time of night in the street chances are they would not have been hit by the car. Obvious too many people are shot due to no fault of their own but so many would still be alive if they had been home in bed at a decent hour.
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    Off to Chicago.

    So are there any of you that were told things like dont play in the street. look both ways before crossing the street and dont be out fooling around after dark when you were growing up ??
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    I whole heartedly agree although my next 357 wheel gun will be an 8 shot just because. Then it wont matter if in all the confusion wether I fired 5 or 6.
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    Caliber Wars:

    Interesting. Would love to know what bullets he used and where the shots landed. And as for how many shot it took to bring him down some of those might have landed on the way down As for the best defensive round I have always heard it is the largest most powerful round you can shoot accurately...
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    How to Clean the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2

    Something I have been using longer than I can remember is the cardboard tube that your paper towels come on. I slide the barrel inside the empty tube and that way when the brush Im cleaning with wether it be solvent or oil each time it comes out the muzzle end or chamber end the bristles dont...
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    Our newest Croatian sensation

    Gosh I was 9 before I learned my name wasnt dam-mit.
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    How to get started in 3 Gun Competitions

    Actually Ray Charles was a really good shot. I refer you to the scene of him shooting in the movie The Blues Brothers.
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    First Range Trip with XD-m OSP Elite in 10MM

    This is the kind of gun control I support. Great shooting.
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    I love wheel guns. Always did and still love the sound of a cowboy spinning the cylinder of his single action. The first wheel gun I learned to shoot was a four inch Colt Diamondback in 38 special. I still have it. And the first wheel gun I purchased was a six inch factory tuned Colt Python. One...
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    Pit Bulls

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    How do answer this mentality ?

    Hmmmm. So she had no comment about the shooter who started randomly killing people just a judgement on the HERO. I have no words to describe someone being so far removed from reality.
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    Texas history

    Texas tourism bureau had the best slogan ever. TEXAS ITS LIKE A WHOLE NOTHER COUNTRY. And it used to be.
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    I just read this morning that the individual that is responsible for saving lives in the recent mall shooting had 8 out of 10 hits. Now that a little more information is available its nice to know . When I had first read he fired 10 shots I had some concern about where all the shots went. Now I...