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    Home Defense Ammo & Pistols

    I live in a regular neighborhood, surrounded by other houses. No ranch, no big land, just a neighborhood. I was watching a video comparing the penetration of 9mm, 9mm hollow point, and 223 bullets. Surprisingly, the 223 ammo penetrated fewer drywall sheets than both types of 9mm ammo. That...
  2. djthumper

    How to clean a gun

    Thought I would share this since we may have a bunch of new gun owners on board...

    9mm AR Pistol build issues

    I am just finishing my 9mm AR Pistol build, and I have run into several issues: first was choosing a BCG and upper that were either Colt or Glock compatible; then choosing to use a dedicated 9mm lower, modify one to accept 9mm mags, or modify pmags to feed 9mm! Who has run into compatibility...