1. Deathseed

    New to Firearms

    Hello Everyone, I am a new gun owners and I am trying to find out what would be important to know. I currently have a XD 9mm for home defense and a Hellcat Pro for EDC. I haven't had much training yet other than a NRA Basic Pistol class and not sure where to go from here. I live in the...
  2. Mountain Man

    Training WithVehicle

    Anyone here do any training with their vehicles? One of the things I'm lacking in training wise is with my truck. Got any advice and tips I can try or implement into training?
  3. djthumper

    What have you done in the world of firearms in the last 48 hours?

    Yesterday was a range day for our club that helps train youth. I taught the NRA FIRST Steps Rifle course in the class and then went out on the range to work with a couple of Scouts to help them finish up their Rifle Shooting Merit Badge.