What have you done in the world of firearms in the last 48 hours?

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Yesterday, bought a slew of accessories online for my new firearms purchases (magazines, flip up sights, flashlight attachment, slings, sling points, ammunition, etc). Today, registered about 10 firearms online & prepped for firearms cleaning tomorrow.
My area has been gripped in a cold snap, so I haven't been out.. I've been doing other things.

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Had an hour Friday night, went to the range for an hour and ran 150 through the XDs...got home and got my Hoppe's fix in front of the TV. Other than EDC...that's the extent of my fun lately.

Got a friend taking the HQL class (Handgun Qualification License), so I see shopping in the near future...not for me, but for her.

I'm an enabler, what can I say?
Today I was the Professor. Those that have read that thread, you know what I am talking about. I trained two people how to shoot for the 1st time. With my XDm's of course. After spending time on the range, the students were excited and bragged how good of an experience they had. They left saying they definitely want to come back again to get further training. So, I would say we now have two more 2nd Amendment supporters.
Let me see now.... tossed 200 rounds of 300 Black Out down range this morning.
Fellow in the next lane noticed my sight on the 300 BO..... Yeah, $25 Pinty!
He likes it. 400 rounds and still holds zero.
My range buddy showed me his new Glock Rack adapter in his Glock 23. He has
trouble with his hands and I showed him the adapter I got for the wife so he ordered one
last week. Said it aids him greatly in the racking.
This after noon started the case prep for reloading the 300 Black Out rounds... 200
This evening ordered another 1000 .308 bullets for reloading.
Started threads here and commented to others.
Wife can't shoot any more so she reviewed my targets of the day.

That's about it. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

PS: Last 48 hours.... Yesterday ordered 2000 CCI #41 primers.
Also some of the small, easy to lose, parts for my 300 BO.
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