@10mmLife how to series on “Yeet Cannons”

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A while back, Hi-Point were releasing a new pistol model and asked the internet to come up with a name. Someone proposed Yeet Cannon and it garnered the most votes Hi-Point decided to go with the name. As to the meaning of “Yeet” 🤔 You got me 🤷‍♂️
Perhaps our resident expert @10mmLife can go into the more detailed definition & it’s history 😂🤣
First mistake....

A coastal town in England, the town government purchased a tug boat and had an online form for the townspeople to suggest and vote for the name of the boat. The highest number of votes they had to take as the name of the boat. So they ended up with for the name of their tug boat?

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Just a reminder on how to clean yeet cannon, yes, clean and lube it first, that way when it falls apart, the oil and grease may hold all the small parts together so it will be easier to find them….🤪🤪🤪🤪